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Arizona, national traffic deaths jumped in 2021; state outpaced nation

Arizona traffic deaths rose 18.4% in the first nine months of 2021 compared to the year before, far outpacing the national 12% increase in the same period, according to the latest numbers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. ... Read more»

Arizona again ranks low on highway safety laws; state officials push back

Arizona once again ranked near the bottom of states on a national report card on highway safety laws, earning a “danger” rating as a state with just five of 16 recommended laws and no primary enforcement for seat belts. ... Read more»

Arizona highway deaths rose during pandemic, as driving was declining

Traffic deaths in Arizona surged during the COVID-19 pandemic, even as the number of miles driven in the state appeared to be decreasing, according to preliminary statistics from 2020. There were 1,072 deaths on the state’s highways in 2020, the most in at least the past 10 years and a sharp increase from the 980 deaths recorded in 2019, according to preliminary data from the Governor’s Office on Highway Safety.... Read more»

Despite distracted-driving law, Arizona still ranks low on highway safety

Arizona enacted a ban on texting while driving last year, after 10 years of trying, but it still wasn’t enough to pull the state from the bottom of a national report card on traffic safety laws. ... Read more»

Tougher seat belt laws could save more Arizona lives

Safety experts say Arizona's secondary seat belt laws put drivers at risk but the governor's office says statistics dispute such a claim.... Read more»

National report card ranks Arizona among worst states for highway safety

Arizona was one of the worst states in the country for highway safety in 2017, based on the state’s comparative lack of driving-safety laws, according to a national report released Monday.... Read more»1

National report card: Arizona ranks among worst for highway safety laws

Arizona was rated one of the most dangerous states in the nation for drivers and passengers due to its relative lack of highway safety laws, according to a national report card.... Read more»

Study: Voice-activated tech doesn’t always make driving safer

Vehicles equipped with voice-activated technology are designed to allow drivers to multitask hands-free and increase their safety behind the wheel, but a recent AAA study suggests that this may not always be the case.... Read more»

Farley trying again for statewide ban on texting while driving

Despite failing repeatedly since 2007, a state lawmaker said he is going to try again to have Arizona join 41 other states that have outlawed all texting while driving. “Why shouldn’t we have a law?” said Sen. Steve Farley, D-Tucson. “This majority enacts hundreds of laws every single year. Why not one that actually can save lives?”... Read more»

Officials urge licenses, training to reduce motorcycle deaths

Saying that increased traffic congestion and a lack of training can be a deadly combination for motorcyclists, state officials are urging riders to get instruction and required licenses before taking to the roads.... Read more»

Report: Az traffic-safety laws tie for 3rd worst in U.S.

Arizona was one of only six states to get a failing grade for its traffic safety laws, according a new national report that cited the state's lack of motorcycle helmet and texting-while-driving laws, as well as its relatively few restrictions on teen drivers' licenses. ... Read more»

Farley: Federal grants may sway lawmakers on texting ban

A Tucson lawmaker who has tried for years to ban texting while driving in Arizona says the Legislature has a new reason to do so this year: money.... Read more»

Statehouse sees new effort to require booster seats for kids

Arizona is one of three states that don’t require booster seats after children graduate from car seats, but a Republican lawmaker said she’s determined to change that despite years of failed attempts at the Legislature.... Read more»

Farley calls for ban on texting while driving

Despite repeated failures in the past, a Tucson lawmaker is out to curb distracted driving with bills that would ban all cell phone use by drivers under 18 and outlaw text messaging as part of a wide range of distractions.... Read more»