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Pakistan: Sum of all America’s fears

I must say I wasn't sorry to leave Karachi, Pakistan's crumbling, seaport city and financial center on the Arabian sea. A city of more that 18 million, Karachi is rife with violence and may be home to more Al Qaeda leaders than Waziristan on the frontier with Afghanistan.... Read more»1

Smart v. Stupid

Mosque as metaphor

A feeling of insecurity is the underlying motive behind the silly rhetoric about the Park 51 Muslim community center in New York City. Opponents are expressing the despair of the defeated.... Read more»

Opinion: Bigotry at Ground Zero

The controversy over a mosque close to the World Trade Center site can do irreparable harm to United States foreign policy and its struggle against Islamic extremism. It gives strength to Osama bin Laden's contention that the West is at war with Islam, and that it is the duty of every Muslim to resist.... Read more»

Iraq: U.S. troops leave with a latte

This is the way a war ends — not with a bang but a chai tea latte. At Victory Base Camp in Baghdad, soldiers from the last American combat brigade in Iraq are packing up their coffee grinders, their pirated DVDs and their tangled memories for the long journey home.... Read more»


WikiLeaks: The Taliban, the ISI & U.S. strategy in Afghanistan

Pakistani intelligence fooled only those who didn't pay attention.... Read more»

Opinion: Afghanistan war slipping

McChrystal aside, the critical battle for Afghanistan is playing out right now — and we’re not winning. ... Read more»1

Inside Somalia

Under fire in Mogadishu

Mogadishu was hit by the worst fighting in months on Jan. 29 as the insurgents marked the anniversary of the Somali president’s first year in power with a series of violent attacks that elicited an equally deadly response.... Read more»


After 9/11: A new world history timeline

Timeline of a new era in world history: Before - 9/11 - After. That is the real meaning of the back-to-back events in the British capital this week... Read more»

State of the Union

Why Obama sidelined foreign policy

President Barack Obama had nothing fresh, and not much else, to say about American foreign policy Wednesday night. It was a reflection of the economic and political challenges Obama faces as he enters this midterm election year... Read more»


Mad Men: No such thing as bad publicity for Al Qaeda

It's all about keeping the name in the news for Osama Bin Ladin and his Al Qaeda cabal. Even to the point of claiming miserable failures like the alleged underpants bomber as one of their own.... Read more»


U.S. lends firepower to Yemen fight vs. Al Qaeda

Behind-the-scenes American training of Yemeni police is a 'sensitive' issue, opposed by many there. A renewed offensive against Al Qaeda has sparked the debate.... Read more»


Eight years later, US still unsure in Afghanistan

Eight years. And you watch the flag-draped coffins coming off the cargo planes at Dover Air Force Base and the mangled bodies and blown minds of young American servicemen and women coming home to ragged, ill-equipped VA hospitals, and you can’t help but wonder what the hell have we accomplished in Afghanistan? Why is this land still consuming our blood and treasure all these years after 9/11?... Read more»

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