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Giffords report claims gun violence in Arizona costs state billions

A new report claims that Arizona loses as much as $1.9 billion every year to costs directly associated with gun violence, from lost wages to expenses on everything from health care to police and criminal justice. ... Read more»

Phoenix woman sentenced for attempting to smuggle guns & ammo to Mexico

A Phoenix-area woman will serve 30 months in prison for attempting to smuggle two semi-automatic AK-47-patterned rifles, along with 3,000 rounds of ammunition, and a tripod-mount for a .50-caliber sniper rifle, into Mexico last March. ... Read more»

Conviction upheld in straw-man purchases of AK-47s

A federal appeals court Tuesday upheld the 2011 conviction of a man who bought dozens of AK-47s from an Arizona gun shop over a two-week period and delivered them to another man.... Read more»