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Better ventilation can prevent COVID spread, but are companies paying attention?

A growing coalition of epidemiologists and aerosol scientists say that improved ventilation could be a powerful tool against the coronavirus — if businesses are willing to invest the money.... Read more»

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Phoenix es una de los 25 peores cidades EE. UU. por la polución del aire, según informe

El 84% de las personas en Arizona viven en comunidades que recibieron calificaciones de "F" por la calidad del aire, con los condados de Maricopa y Pinal entre los más contaminados y los condados de Pima y Gila siguiéndolos.... Read more»

State of the Air report ranks Phoenix among 25 worst U.S. cities for pollution

84% of people in Arizona live in communities that received “F” grades for their air quality based on high ozone days and high particle pollution days, with Maricopa and Pinal counties among the most polluted and Pima and Gila counties following.... Read more»1


How years of fighting every wildfire helped fuel the Western megafires of today

Climate change is a big part of why wildfires are getting worse, but active fire suppression contributes to what is often referred to as the wildland fire paradox – the more we prevent fires in the short term, the worse wildfires become when they return.... Read more»

El nivel de ozono en Tucson provoca la 3er advertencia de advertencia aérea en 8 días

Niveles de ozono a nivel del suelo han llegado a niveles altos y daniños por la area metropolitana de Tucson el miércoles, lo que provocó un aviso del Departamento del Condado Pima de Calidad Ambiental de que los residentes deben evitar la actividad física intensa al aire libre. ... Read more»

El ozono provoca el segundo aviso de calidad del aire en una semana para Tucson

Los niveles de ozono a nivel del suelo subieron hasta nivel dañino el jueves, provocando un aviso por del Departamento del Condado Pima de Calidad Ambiental de evitar la actividad intensa al aire libre por la segunda vez en una semana. ... Read more»

Ozone prompts 2nd air-quality warning in a week for Tucson

Air pollution in the Tucson metro area hit harmful levels on Wednesday, prompting an advisory that residents should avoid intense physical outdoor activity because of high ozone levels.... Read more»

As smoke chokes West, Calif. governor says fires show reality of climate change

California Gov. Gavin Newsom told reporters Friday that wildfires ravaging the West this summer are a direct result of climate change.... Read more»

Fresh air in Phoenix: ADEQ collecting data on CV-19 impact on emissions

The Phoenix area is famous for its warm spring days and wealth of outdoor activities, but it’s also known for something less flattering: some of the worst air quality in the country. ... Read more»

Advocates: Cuts to EPA budget will be felt in Az programs

Arizona received $315M in funding for specific federal programs over the past five years – funding that could be endangered by proposed cuts to the EPA budget.... Read more»

Public meetings this week on Oracle Ridge mine air quality

Public meetings are scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday on the reopening of an underground copper mine on the north side of the Catalina Mountains. An open house and public hearing on an air quality permit for the mine will be held in Catalina.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: How is Tucson's air quality?

Today on Buckmaster — Beth Gorman of the Pima County Department of Environmental Quality, certified financial planner Shelly Fishman, aging expert Gale Morgan, and John Sefton, deputy director of Tucson Parks and Recreation.... Read more»

Kids gear up to Walk n' Roll to school

Students around Tucson won't be hiding inside this Friday the 13th when they walk, ride, skate and scooter to school to improve Pima County's air quality in the annual Walk n' Roll to School Day.... Read more»


Pima County issues (another) air quality advisory

High winds may mean trouble breathing for some, Pima County officials said Friday, as they issued the third air quality warning this week. People "with heart disease and respiratory sensitivities may wish to reduce their exposure to outside air."... Read more»

Pima County issues air quality warning

High winds may mean trouble breathing for some, Pima County officials said Monday. 45-mph gusts and dry conditions prompted them to issue an air quality advisory. People "with heart disease and respiratory sensitivities may wish to reduce their exposure to outside air."... Read more»

Pollution by the numbers

From Tonawanda, N.Y., to Hayden, hundreds of U.S. communities are still exposed to pollutants, which can cause cancer, birth defects and other health issues — more than 20 years after passage of the Clean Air Act.... Read more»

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