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Boards set up outside the storefront of Drumbeat, a Native American goods store located in Phoenix, display missing people posters of Indigenous people from tribal nations across Arizona. Reva Stewart displays the missing person posters to help raise awareness.

Over the past year, unmarked vans cruising the streets of tribal nations to pick up Indigenous people - individuals claiming to be legitimate healthcare providers but who were instead allegedly billing Arizona’s Medicaid system for rehabilitation services that were never provided. Read more»

Melanie O’Rourke muestra el procesador de sonido del implante coclear fuera de la oreja que envía señales de sonido al receptor. El implante coclear omite las partes dañadas del oído interno para estimular el nervio auditivo.

El Senado de Arizona aprobó un proyecto de ley que reactivaría la cobertura de implantes cocleares para cualquier persona mayor de 21 años que tenga cobertura de servicios médicos y de salud bajo el Sistema de Contención de Costos de Atención Médica de Arizona. Read more»

Melanie O’Rourke shows the sound processor she wears behind her ear. The transmitter sends sound signals to a receiver and stimulator implanted under the skin.

The Arizona Senate has passed a bill that would revive coverage of cochlear implants for anyone at least 21 years old who is covered for health and medical services under Arizona’s Health Care Cost Containment System. Read more»

Después de tres años en la pandemia, cuando se les prohibió eliminar a las personas de las listas de Medicaid, los funcionarios de Arizona han comenzado a revisar a los beneficiarios y eliminar a los que ya no califican. Pero dijeron que están trabajando para dirigir a las personas a otra cobertura.

AHCCCS alienta a los destinatarios a verificar la información de contacto y estar atentos a la correspondencia a medida que Arizona comienza a eliminar a las personas de las listas de Medicaid este mes, un proceso que podría sacar del plan a más de 600,000 personas. Read more»

After three years in the pandemic, when they were prohibited from dropping people from Medicaid rolls, Arizona officials have started to review recipients and drop those who no longer qualify. But they said they are working to steer people to other coverage.

AHCCCS is encouraging recipients to make sure contact information is current and to keep an eye out for correspondence as Arizona begins purging people from pandemic-inflated Medicaid rolls this month, a process that could push more than 600,000 people off the plan. Read more»

Officials attend the groundbreaking ceremony for Centerline on Glendale, a 368-unit complex designed for mixed-income housing and funded in part by a state low-income housing tax credit, on March 24, 2023.

Construction is underway in Glendale on an affordable housing complex funded in part by a state low-income housing tax credit that allows people to come on at any income level sponsored below 60 percent of the median and only pay 30 percent of their rent. Read more»

The FBI is investigating scams where fake rehab groups target the Indigenous community, offering bogus substance-abuse recovery or mental-health services at pop-up facilities to rake in government money, FBI officials say.

The FBI is investigating scams by fake rehab groups that target the Indigenous community, offering substance-abuse recovery or mental-health services at pop-up facilities to rake in government money. Read more»

More sophisticated hackers and sellers in the online criminal ecosystem will not openly sell their 'high end' wares, only sharing that information with clients they trust or holding the information for their own personal use.

Multiple state agencies, including the Arizona Department of Homeland Security and state’s Medicaid provider, may have had their passwords and login credentials exposed in a breach of the popular password management software LastPass. Read more»

Within a two-week period in October 2021, two state hospital patients were suspected of taking their own lives in the facility, raising questions about oversight, staffing and training at the hospital.

State legislators unanimously advanced a proposal to create an independent board to oversee the Arizona State Hospital, which cares for some of the state’s most vulnerable people, and is currently subject to oversight by the Arizona Department of Health Services. Read more»

Pushing up the deadline for disenrollment would require more staff, at a cost of around $16.7 million.

Hundreds of thousands of Arizonans are at risk of losing their Medicaid coverage over the next year because they are no longer eligible, and some state lawmakers are looking to speed up the disenrollment process. Read more»

Advocates welcome the surge in Affordable Care Act enrollment, saying it will benefit patients as well as providers by letting people seek care before their health is in crisis. Nurse Diana Weaselboy performs a checkup at Patina Wellness Center in Phoenix in this 2019 photo.

A record number of Arizonans signed up for health insurance this year under the Affordable Care Act, as enrollment in the program continues to rebound from the Trump administration’s efforts to suppress coverage. Read more»

Arizona Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs has picked Dr. Theresa Cullen, Pima County health director, to lead the state Department of Health Services. Cullen has spent 35 years working in public health and took the helm in Pima County in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more»

Allison, who asked that only her first name be used because of concerns about mental health stigma, sits in front of her home in Tucson on Nov. 3, 2022. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 18, Allison sought help from a perinatal psychiatrist when she decided to start a family. A new statewide hotline aims to help more people like her.

Perinatal psychiatrists at the University of Arizona, are teaming up to to launch a statewide hotline next spring for providers who serve the perinatal population in an effort to assist pregnant and postpartum women with maternal mental and behavioral health conditions. Read more»

Tucson City Manager Mike Ortega stands to get a $75,000 per-year raise after seven years on the job.

The Tucson City Council is set to vote Tuesday on paying City Manager Mike Ortega $300,000 per year, but the they're being needlessly shifty about it. Plus a plethora of other local government meetings this week. Read more»

Optometric care is one of the services – with chiropractic, podiatric and dental care – that a group of local health care centers say Arizona’s Medicaid agency has not reimbursed them for. They claim the law requires the services be covered.

A federal appeals court ordered a new hearing for Arizona community health care centers that claim the state’s Medicaid system is wrongly denying reimbursement for chiropractic, dental, optometric and podiatric care, reversing a lower court decision. Read more»

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