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Phoenix fellowship cultivating the next generation of urban farmers

The Urban Agriculture Fellowship Program - funded by the American Rescue Plan and created to address challenges brought to light through interviews with urban farmers during the COVID-19 pandemic - aims to educate and feed the community.... Read more»

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The Tucson agenda

Sahuarita eyes pecan farm wells to secure water future, Flowing Wells staff could see 5% raises

Sahuarita, which doesn't have its own municipal water utility, wants to control its hydrated future and is taking some interesting steps to reach that promised land.... Read more»

Trump-era farmworkers wage freeze gutted by federal judge

Handing summary judgment to the nation’s largest farmworkers union, a federal judge ruled a federal wage freeze for migrant farm laborers instituted by the Trump administration was unlawful, writing the wage freeze violates the Immigration and Nationality Act.... Read more»

Ukraine war puts food supply chain in crisis

Food supply chains already in flux in the wake of COVID-19 are under new pressure from the Ukraine war with potentially dire consequences for global stability as the heavy sanctions levied on Russia take their toll.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Grijalva: On César Chávez’s 95th birthday, President Biden must deliver for farmworkers

On his 95th birthday, we are far from the justice César Chávez sought. But President Biden has a chance to be the leader who delivers fair wages, compensation, and justice for farmworkers by updating our labor laws and declaring a national, permanent heat standard.... Read more»

Bruce Babbitt: desalination is not the answer to Arizona’s water woes

Former Gov. Bruce Babbitt said desalination, which his successor Doug Ducey is currently touting as part of a billion-dollar water plan, is not the answer to Arizona’s water problems, at least not for many years to come. ... Read more»

Wildfire-prevention program back on track in Arizona after months of delay

The popular 4FRI forest maintenance program is back on track after a two-month pause to sort out challenges with a more focused, “more realistic approach” that appears to have government, industry and environmental officials in rare agreement.... Read more»

Letting tropical forests regrow naturally an effective and low-cost way to slow climate change

Tropical forests are among the best tools for fighting climate change and the loss of wild species - and research shows they recover surprisingly quickly: Tropical forests can regrow on abandoned lands and recover many of their old-growth features in as little as 10 to 20 years. ... Read more»

A future with little to no snow? What that means for the West

The West is on track for a future with little to no snow - if greenhouse gas emissions aren’t reduced, models show significant reductions in snowpack in the West’s mountains over the next 35 to 60 years - with far-reaching implications for ecosystems, agriculture and communities.... Read more»


A better way to share Colorado River water as climate change parches Southwest

With users facing unprecedented water shortages, a new agreement to replace the century-old 1922 Colorado Compact that reflects 21st-century realities is the most productive way to fix three fundamental errors that now plague efforts to develop a new vision for the region.... Read more»


There’s no cheap way to deal with the climate crisis

The $3.5 trillion price tag President Joe Biden proposed for his climate-heavy Build Back Better Act might seem enormous - but by zeroing in on that number, public debate has skipped right over the economic ramifications of climate change, which promise to be historically disruptive - and enormously expensive. ... Read more»

Young Tucson biz owners of color fund their ideas with $10k, zero-interest community loans

A group of 16 entrepreneurs who identfiy as Black, Indigenous or people of color are getting support for their innovations and business ideas from a $10,000, interest-free loan started by the Community Investment Corporations, a local nonprofit. ... Read more»

Fifth-generation Pinal County farmer struggles to grow crops with less water

Obtaining water has been a constant source of worry for farmers in Pinal County, and with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation announced a Tier 1 shortage on the Colorado River in August, farmers will receive one-third of the water supply that would normally be available.... Read more»

Drought-stricken western towns say no to developers

The nation’s five fastest-growing states are all in the Southwest or Mountain West, and communities are facing difficult questions about water scarcity and what it means for future growth— because climate change is expected to make such droughts more frequent and intense.... Read more»

Colorado River drought conditions spur calls for better water infrastructure

Experts in government, agriculture, water management and the environment stressed during a U.S. Senate hearing on Wednesday the danger that droughts fueled by climate change pose in the West, including the Colorado River Basin. ... Read more»

Avoiding water bankruptcy in drought-troubled Southwest: What U.S. and Iran can learn from each other

The Southwest is in an “anthropogenic drought” created by the combination of natural water variability, climate change and human activities - and more than 7,000 miles away, Iran is grappling with water problems that are similar to the U.S. Southwest’s but more severe.... Read more»

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