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Stalled U.S. Senate bill on veterans' burn pit exposure could be revived this week

The U.S. Senate could be on track to advance a bill as soon as Tuesday that would provide veterans exposed to toxic substances overseas with health care and benefits, after a weekend in which outraged veterans camped out on the steps of the Capitol.... Read more»

Native American veterans still struggling to get the health care they were promised

But for decades, Native veterans and their allies have clamored for Congress to address what they see as inequalities within the VA system.... Read more»1

McCain’s brain cancer renews attention to possible Agent Orange connection

For years, Vietnam vets and their widows have been pushing the VA to extend benefits to those exposed to the toxic herbicide and later stricken with glioblastoma. The VA has said no, but advocates hope the agency will now revisit the issue. ... Read more»

New state law allows transfer of big-game tags to disabled vets

Dale Lewis. a 69-year-old Vietnam veteran with heart problems, was able to experience the adrenaline of hunting once more with a big-game tag donated under a new state law created to help veterans disabled during their service.... Read more»

Lost to history

Missing war records complicate vets' benefit claims

A failure to create and maintain the types of field records that have documented American conflicts since the Revolutionary War has complicated efforts by soldiers to claim benefits and makes it harder for military strategists to learn the lessons from Iraq and Afghanistan.... Read more»