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Lake filed her intent to appeal his ruling to the Arizona Court of Appeals on May 31.

Kari Lake filed her intent to appeal the outcome of her bid to overturn the results of Arizona’s 2022 gubernatorial election, while failed Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem and his lawyer were ordered to pay more than $48,000 for bringing a case the judge called “groundless.” Read more»

Maricopa County asked that the court financially sanction Lake and her attorneys in an amount that the court determined was appropriate. They also are seeking for their attorneys’ fees to be paid by Lake and her attorneys in addition to the sanctions.

Kari Lake and her lawyers repeatedly lied to the court and misrepresented evidence during her election challenge trial last week and should be sanctioned for it, attorneys for Maricopa County wrote in a Tuesday filing. Read more»

In his letter sent to Arizona’s 15 counties, Borrelli states that Article 1, Section 4, Clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution gives state legislators the authority to make these sorts of changes to elections.

Claiming that a non-binding resolution overrides state law, Senate Majority Leader Sonny Borrelli declared that Arizona counties are barred from using machines to count ballots - an assertion quickly shot down by elections officials, the state's attorney general and county leaders. Read more»

Protestors in support of former President Donald Trump gather outside Veterans Memorial Coliseum where ballots from the 2020 general election wait to be counted on May 1, 2021. The Maricopa County ballot recount comes after two election audits found no evidence of widespread fraud in Arizona.

In response investigation findings, election experts and advocates say Arizona should consider new rules and guidelines for double-checking election results, and also recommend increasing state support for county officials tasked with running elections. Read more»

The Arizona Supreme Court in March dismissed all of Lake’s claims except for one, regarding signature verification processes, which it sent back to the trial court for review, saying that the lower court had improperly dismissed it.

The Arizona Supreme Court sanctioned the lawyers representing failed Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake for making false statements in her lawsuit aimed at overturning her loss in last year’s election. Read more»

At least six of Arizona’s 15 counties have seen election directors leave recently, and the high turnover has been attributed directly to the attacks and harassment the directors have faced because of election misinformation.

Cochise County is close to hiring an elections director who has repeatedly shared false claims about widespread election fraud on Facebook, including claims that the 2020 presidential election was rigged against former President Donald Trump. Read more»

Lake during a campaign stop in Tucson.

Gov. Katie Hobbs and Secretary of State Adrian Fontes want the Arizona Supreme Court to sanction Kari Lake for peddling “frivolous conspiracy theories” in Arizona courts, while Lake keeps asking the court to reconsider her arguments that it has already dismissed. Read more»

Kari Lake at a 2022 campaign even in Tucson.

Kari Lake and her lawyers are asking the Arizona Supreme Court not to sanction them for their election challenge case because Lake “honestly believes that electoral misconduct and illegal votes determined the outcome of the 2022 gubernatorial election.” Read more»

State law requires county supervisors to canvass, or count, and report the election results in their counties to the secretary of state.

Cochise County Republican supervisors Tom Crosby and Peggy Judd, who initially refused to certify the canvass of the countywide election results, jeopardizing the state certification process and risking the votes of thousands, will have to pay more than $36,000 in legal fees. Read more»

Finchem is facing sanctions in two other cases as well. One is in an election lawsuit he joined with failed GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, while the other is in a case where he claimed former Democratic State Representative Charlene Fernandez defamed him and others.

Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes wants Mark Finchem, the Republican Fontes defeated in last year’s election, to pay nearly $75,000 in attorney’s fees for filing what a judge said was a “groundless” lawsuit to overturn the election. Read more»

Kari Lake at a 2022 campaign event in Tucson.

The Arizona Supreme Court rejected six of the seven claims that failed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake made in her bid to have the court overturn her election loss and remanded the signature verification claim back to the trial court for reconsideration. Read more»

All three defendants in the case called out Lake and her legal team for both misrepresenting evidence and presenting new claims, something generally not allowed in the appeals process.

Maricopa County, Adrian Fontes and Katie Hobbs filed biting responses to failed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s petition asking the Arizona Supreme Court to take up her election case, and Hobbs and Fontes asked for sanction for bringing a suit based on frivolous claims. Read more»

Senate liaison Ken Bennett watches as Maricopa County ballots from the 2020 general election are examined and recounted by contractors hired by the Arizona Senate on June 12, 2021, at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

A bill sponsored by Arizona Sen. Ken Bennett that would theoretically make it possible to verify that machines counted votes accurately and that people who voted were eligible voters from the comfort of home has brought about rare cross-party dialogue in the state legislature. Read more»

Finchem has been known to make bold claims and back out of providing evidence, as a recently released report from the Arizona Attorney General’s Office showed.

A trial court judge has said Arizona Republican secretary of state nominee Mark Finchem will be forced to pay attorney’s fees in what the judge called a “groundless” lawsuit that aimed to overturn his election loss to Adrian Fontes. Read more»

Republican Sen. Ken Bennett stressed during his testimony the bipartisan roots of the bill, which is an idea long promoted by Democratic election activist John Brakey.

A Republican bill supported by Democratic Secretary of State Adrian Fontes that would make ballot images a public record cleared its first hurdle Wednesday, despite concerns from Democrats about privacy issues. Read more»

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