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Arizona recreational marijuana sales hit $58 million in October

Marijuana sales in Arizona hit record highs in October, with nearly $58 million in estimated sales of recreational cannabis for the month, up from the previous record for adult-use marijuana sales in July, when dispensaries sold $54.5 million of cannabis. ... Read more»

Arizona looking to return $65 million to rightful owners

The Arizona Department of Revenue is sending out notices to potential property owners and their families in an attempt to return the money, in one case worth $1.5 million.... Read more»

Arizona wants updated sales tax info from businesses

The Arizona Department of Revenue will mail renewal letters to business owners this month asking for updates on key information about their state Transaction Privilege Tax licenses.... Read more»

As teachers rally for higher pay, Az’s tax code exempts $13.5B from collection

If lawmakers and Gov. Ducey were inclined to find money for teachers, one place they could go looking is in the taxes that the state doesn't collect: Arizona allowed more than $13.5 billion in taxes to go uncollected in fiscal year 2017, thanks to a litany of exemptions, deductions, allowances, exclusions or credits. ... Read more»

Report: High cigarette tax fuels AZ black market

A cigarette tax higher than neighboring states and cheaper prices on American Indian reservations have helped fuel a growing black market for cigarettes in Arizona, according a study by a Washington, D.C., think tank.... Read more»