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New Arizona law shields religious foster, adoption agencies from discrimination lawsuits

Arizona faith-based adoption and foster care agencies who make decisions based on religious views are now free to do so without any threat of lawsuits thanks to a new law signed this week, and opponents say that could hurt foster kids across the state. ... Read more»

Ducey has final say on legislation to protect religious adoption, foster agencies from discrimination claims

Foster kids in Arizona overwhelmingly outnumber licensed foster families, and a bill on Gov. Doug Ducey’s desk could shrink their options even further by allowing agencies to deny applicants based on religious beliefs. ... Read more»

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Adoptees nationwide may soon gain access to their original birth certificates

American culture has shifted significantly during the 70 years since amended birth certificates became the norm in adoption, and in response, many legislatures are changing their policies - but for every step forward, there also are proposals restricting full access.... Read more»

U.S. Supreme Court gets set to address abortion, guns and religion

The Supreme Court begins its annual term on Oct. 4, 2021, with a packed agenda highlighted by three claims of violations of constitutional rights: One is about religious rights, a second is about gun rights, and the biggest case this year is a challenge to abortion rights.... Read more»

'Dog-flipping' on the rise as more Americans seek companionship during pandemic

Nationwide lockdowns in the past year have driven demand for companionship from man’s best friend during the pandemic, and shelters across the country have seen spikes in dog adoptions and fosters. But some pricey and popular canines are being ripped away from their intended forever homes and sold to unsuspecting buyers. ... Read more»

Fate of native children may hinge on U.S. adoption case

A case before federal appeals court judges will decide if tribal parents will continue to get preference in adopting Native American children as conservatives groups sue to end race-based adoption.... Read more»

Free adoptions for 'Clear the Shelter' event this holiday weekend

During the Fourth of July, the Pima County Animal Care Center takes in an increased number of pets. From July 1 - 3, they will offer free adoptions to clear the shelter. ... Read more»

Mexican judge wants to allow same-sex couples to adopt children

Mexico's Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality across the country. Now it could go a step further.... Read more»

Some ‘disappointed’ by Supreme Court’s ruling on Indian adoptions

Arizona experts said the Supreme Court’s recent ruling against a Native American father who was fighting to stop his daughter from being adopted may only have “muddied the waters” for future cases.... Read more»1

Democratic lawmaker’s bills seek equality for LGBT community

Saying members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community deserve equal treatment under Arizona law, a Democratic lawmaker has introduced four bills addressing employment, adoption and marriage. ... Read more»1

BLM hopes to find homes for wild horses, burros

The Bureau of Land Management is holding a wild horse and burro adoption at the Pima County Fairgrounds starting Friday.... Read more»

Lawmakers aim to clear obstacles in adoption process

The state Legislatures is weighing three bills that would eliminate some roadblocks in the process of adopting children in Arizona.... Read more»

Celebrate the centennial with a new furry friend

Centennial club pets have been at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona for over 100 days and are looking for their "forever homes."... Read more»

Mexican Catholics lash out at 'secular Taliban' in gov't

The Catholic Church in Mexico has lashed out at the capital's liberal city government for "immorality."The language used in the first Sunday paper of 2011 could not have been more attention-grabbing: the capital government, said the Mexico City archdiocese, is so intolerant it acts like a "secular Taliban." ... Read more»