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UA Native education programs win grants from AZ education department

With the help of a grant from the Arizona Department of Education, the Native SOAR program at the University of Arizona hopes to expand its mentoring program and provide more quality services to Indigenous students and Arizona educators, both in person and online.... Read more»

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La creciente población latina de Arizona está subrepresentada entre los maestros

El cuarenta y cinco por ciento de los estudiantes de Arizona en los grados de prekínder a 12 se identifican como latinos, pero solo el 16% de los más de 58,000 maestros de Arizona son latinos, según datos del Departamento de Educación de Arizona.... Read more»

Arizona’s growing Latino population is underrepresented among teachers

Forty-five percent of Arizona students in grades pre-K through 12 identify as Latino, but only 16% of Arizona’s more than 58,000 teachers are Latino, according to Arizona Department of Education data.... Read more»

Arizona teachers eligible for $14 million in classroom COVID relief grants

Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman has announced the Arizona Department of Education would distribute $14 million in federal COVID-19 relief funds to directly help Pre K through12th grade public school educators.... Read more»

Survey highlights ongoing teacher shortage for Arizona schools

The Arizona School Personnel Administrators Association’s annual survey shows 6,347 positions were unfilled for the 2021-22 year – further highlighting the ongoing teacher shortage that schools in Arizona face. ... Read more»

Proposal adds 'teeth' to Arizona parents’ bill of rights, paving way for lawsuits against teachers

Teachers could face lawsuits from parents and potential criminal charges under proposed legislation that adds penalties to violations of Arizona’s parents’ bill of rights. ... Read more»

Arizona schools that don’t display the flag and constitution could face fines

Arizona schools could be fined up to $1,000 if they don't display the United States flag, the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and allow students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.... Read more»

Push to repeal English-only education appears abandoned in 2022

After three consecutive years of Republican lawmakers championing a proposal to repeal the decades-old law that prohibits bilingual education for English-language learners in Arizona, it appears the effort won't get a push this legislative session.... Read more»

Ducey defends use of Arizona school funding in face of feds’ threat to reclaim it

Gov. Doug Ducey said Thursday that the state’s use of money to support schools that reject mask mandates is “well within” federal guidelines for the funds, despite a Treasury Department threat to take the money back - but Arizona educators said the governor needs to back down.... Read more»

Renewal of Arizona's Indian Education Policy 'a step in the right direction' for Indigenous education

Native American educators praised the Arizona State Board of Education and the Department of Education for renewing the state’s Indian Education Policy last month, a move they say moves toward improving education for Indigenous students.... Read more»

Public information lacking as COVID-19 surges in Arizona classrooms

As COVID-19 infections surge in Arizona schools, sickening thousands of students and staff and forcing thousands more into quarantine, parents—and the public at large—have been left without a comprehensive picture of where students and educators are contracting the virus. ... Read more»

Az schools chief rejects GOP request to defund school district for '1619 Project' lessons

The Arizona Department of Education won’t act on a request from a Republican state lawmaker to take funding away from a Phoenix school district that serves low-income students because it adopted curriculum from “The 1619 Project,” which examines the legacy of slavery in the U.S. ... Read more»

Lawmakers will once again consider repealing English-only school mandate

For the third consecutive year, a legislative proposal seeks to repeal Arizona's restrictive English-only mandate that education advocates have said for years holds back students who have a home language other than English. .... Read more»

Report: 'Child care deserts' hit poor, rural Arizona families hardest

Arizona has 304,180 infants and toddlers who need child care but only 234,270 slots to accommodate them, with poor and rural families most likely to be left out, a recent study said.... Read more»

As Arizona schools plan how to reopen, what about the buses?

How best to safely open Arizona classrooms has been the primary focus of parents, teachers and school administrators for weeks, but a different challenge is receiving little public consideration: how best to get kids safely to school.... Read more»

Recommendations, but no mandates, on when schools can reopen

ADHS released its eagerly anticipated criteria for when schools can safely reopen for in-person learning amid the continuing COVID-19 crisis, though the benchmarks won’t be mandatory and it will be up to school districts to decide whether it’s safe to bring students back to campus.... Read more»

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