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National addiction treatment locator has outdated data and other critical flaws

The website launched in 2019 to help hundreds of thousands of Americans affected by addiction has critical flaws - inaccurate information, lack of filtering options, and little guidance on how to identify high-quality treatment - that are overdue for attention.... Read more»

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DEA expands medication-assisted treatment for opioid abuse

In an effort to combat what it said were misperceptions about its policy, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration announced plans to expand access to medication-assisted treatment to help those suffering from substance use disorders.... Read more»

Stiff fentanyl sentences in Arizona would target users, not just dealers, critics say

A GOP plan to impose stiff prison sentences against those who make and sell fentanyl is more likely to sweep up drug addicts than the dealers it ostensibly seeks to punish, critics said Thursday. ... Read more»

Pandemic adds pressure on doctors, who already had one of the highest rates of suicide

Physicians have one of the highest rates of death by suicide, and the intensities and difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic have only increased the stressors that care providers are under. ... Read more»

Operation Restoring Veteran Hope seeks to help Arizona veterans grow and heal

Operation Restoring Veteran Hope - an Arizona nonprofit that reaches veterans on a number of levels, from healing retreats to services outreach to helping them bond over motorcycles - is all about hope: the hope that recovery is possible and veterans can again be themselves.... Read more»

Fentanyl, COVID-19 help drive overdose deaths to record 12-month high

The COVID-19 pandemic and a growing unsafe drug supply combined to push overdose deaths up by 27.6% in the U.S. over a 12-month period from 2020 to 2021, a surge in deaths that was matched in Arizona. ... Read more»

Social media, fentanyl a 'deadly' combination, DEA warns

The DEA confiscated millions of counterfeit fentanyl pills and over 28,000 pounds of methamphetamine as of 2020 - but keeping track of the transportation and distribution has become more complicated, because drug traffickers are using social media to sell the pills.... Read more»

How the pandemic helped spread fentanyl across the U.S. and drive overdose deaths to grim new high

The latest tally from the CDC shows that for the first time ever, the number of Americans who fatally overdosed over the course of a year surpassed 100,000 - a soaring death toll fueled by illicitly synthesized fentanyl that is increasingly replacing heroin. ... Read more»

Court upholds death sentence for Arizona man who burned ex-roommate to death

An appeals court Thursday rejected an Arizona death-row inmate’s argument that his sentence was unconstitutional because his crime, burning a former roommate to death, was committed in a brief window when the state was revising its death penalty law. ... Read more»

Maricopa County moves to curb the opioid crisis with approval of lawsuit settlement

Maricopa County has approved a settlement with pharmaceutical companies to combat the disastrous effects of the opioid epidemic, making $80 million available to the county, County Attorney Allister Adel announced Wednesday. ... Read more»

McKinsey never told FDA it was working for opioid makers while also working for the agency

Since 2008, McKinsey & Company has regularly advised the Food and Drug Administration, and during that same span, McKinsey counted among its clients many of the country’s biggest drug companies — but never disclosed its pharmaceutical company clients to the FDA.... Read more»

Q&A: How a brother’s drug overdose led to one woman’s crusade to reduce harm

Jaclyn Brown has transformed grief from losing her brother to an overdose into action; since August 2020, Brown has served as volunteer coordinator at Shot in the Dark, a nonprofit that provides clean syringes, overdose medication, and other resources to people struggling with addiction. ... Read more»

From Uber vouchers to patient advocates: What it takes to increase ER addiction treatment

A report found that despite widespread consensus on the importance of addiction treatment in the ER and an unprecedented rise in overdose deaths, many hospitals fail to screen for substance use, offer medications to treat opioid use disorder or connect patients to follow-up care.... Read more»

Legalization brings legitimacy to needle exchange programs in Arizona

Arizona lawmakers in May passed legislation with bipartisan support legalizing syringe access programs, and Gov. Doug Ducey signed the measure days later. The law takes effect Sept. 28, 90 days after the June 30 conclusion of the legislative session.... Read more»

Lawsuit challenges new Arizona abortion restrictions, 'personhood' provision

Abortion rights advocates are asking a federal court to block a sweeping new Arizona abortion law that they say grants civil rights to fetuses, embryos and fertilized human eggs and is set to take effect Sept. 29. ... Read more»

Nevertheless, she persisted: Woman keeps helping, despite COVID losses

Kim Holmes, property manager for the Mental Health Association of Oklahoma, has lost 20 blood relatives and many more friends during the COVID-19 pandemic, but uses her own experiences with mental health, abuse and other issues to show up for those who need her most.... Read more»

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