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Candidate commentary

Ragan: TUSD Board needs hope, despite unknowns

"I know we will be dealing with the pandemic’s immediate effects for the foreseeable future. I know that we have some heavy lifting to do to build a better district. I know that I am ready to take on the work. Will this election be the turning point we need at TUSD? I don’t know but I hope." — TUSD Governing Board candidate Adam Ragan... Read more»

El Chisme: How could you let this happen?

As early ballots go out, some candidates seem to be fumbling in a panic. Plus, accurate quotations aren't child's play; KVOA's new motto: More than 2 weeks late, less than half the story; Cunninghams poised to sting Bee; & more actually factual tidbits, gossip, rumors & alternative truths about politics in Tucson.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Ragan: Stand with teachers who walk out, as they stand for kids and schools

On the eve of what is set to be an historic week, many of us are preparing all across Arizona for something we haven’t seen in generations: an educator walkout.... Read more»

Candidate commentary

Ragan: TUSD's MAS classes not a 'political football'

TUSD Governing Board candidate Adam Ragan: "On this part, there can be no alternative facts, as some might push. Banning MAS runs counter to the Constitution."... Read more»