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Mexicans horrified to learn loved ones were not actually cremated

The discovery of 60 corpses in an abandoned crematorium in Acapulco is piling on to their anger about corruption and crime.... Read more»

Report: These are the world’s deadliest cities

A new report ranks the 50 most violent cities on the planet. Here's why Latin America crowds the list.... Read more»

Mexico's president hopes for a galactic legacy with this airport

Plans for a six-runway airport with a space-age design could leave Mexico’s president with a major legacy — or a major headache.... Read more»

Another day, another mass grave uncovered in Mexico

Investigators this week have been pulling bodies from two clandestine mass graves in western Mexico, underscoring ongoing gangland wars whose details have themselves been buried under pressure from criminals and officials alike.... Read more»

Mexican drug war: More than 40 killed in weekend violence

More than 40 people were killed across Mexico at the weekend as violence linked to the country's drug war intensifies. ... Read more»1

Who controls Mexico's prisons?

Mexico's prison problems stem primarily from a lack of control. Corruption is rife among guards and wardens, who have been implicated in abetting mass escapes and allowing mafias to charge inmates fees for simple comforts such as sleeping on bunks.... Read more»

Occupy Mexico? How about 'End the Drug War'?

Mexico’s Occupy protesters, who focus on poverty and workers’ rights, have failed to win many followers. The movement has been entirely ignored by Mexico’s mainstream politicians. And most Mexicans are more concerned with an end to drug violence. ... Read more»2

Ad for sexy policewomen in Mexico draws flak

A help-wanted ad for women to join an all-female tourist police force is drawing flak from women's rights groups — it specifies that applicants be aged 18 to 26, 5-foot-5 with weight proportional to height, and in good physical and mental health.... Read more»

State Dep't extends Mexico travel warning

Children of U.S. government employees must leave Monterrey, Mexico, the State Department said Friday as it extended its warning of travel dangers in that country.... Read more»

U.S. motorist killed at Mexican military checkpoint

A U.S. citizen was killed Sunday in a checkpoint confrontation with the Mexican military, officials say. Joseph Steven Proctor, 32, may have fired at the Mexican troops at a checkpoint near Acapulco in Guerrero state, reports say.... Read more»2