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Arizona parents on the hunt for baby formula turn to each other for help

Many Arizonans are scrambling to find formula after a recall by a major manufacturer in February sent supplies tumbling, and many have turned to each other on Facebook to make up for what they see as a lack of government action.... Read more»

FDA chief cites 'egregiously unsanitary' conditions at Michigan baby formula plant

The head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration told Congress on Wednesday that he's found no evidence of intentional delay or malfeasance within the agency — though it took months to act on a whistleblower report of what he called "egregiously unsanitary" conditions at an infant formula plant in Michigan.... Read more»

Backed by millions in public & private cash, rapid COVID tests are coming to stores near you

Scientists and lawmakers agree that over-the-counter COVID tests could allow desk workers to settle back into their cubicles and make it easier to reopen schools and travel. Corporate giants and startups alike plan to offer a dizzying array of test options, most costing between $10 and $110.... Read more»

Ducey says University of Arizona will produce 250K tests for COVID-19 antibody

The University of Arizona will produce 250,000 tests for COVID-19 antibodies that will determine whether people have been infected with the virus, potentially showing who might have immunity.... Read more»

Why coronavirus testing takes so long: a behind-the-scenes look at the steps involved

After a slow start, testing for COVID-19 has ramped up in recent weeks, with giant commercial labs jumping into the effort, drive-up testing sites established in some places and new types of tests approved under emergency rules set by the Food and Drug Administration.... Read more»

Az to get nearly $2M from Depakote settlement

Arizona will receive nearly $2 million of a $100 million, multi-state settlement with Abbott Laboratories over allegations of illegal off-label marketing for the drug Depakote.... Read more»