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'Calm before the storm': Remain in Mexico 2.0 on track to repeat failings of first

The second iteration of the Migrant Protection Protocols promises to return just as many or more asylum seekers as its antecedent when the program expands in the coming months, and some suggest bleak fates for the migrants who slipped through the cracks in MPP 1.0. ... Read more»

Biden’s border: 'an incredibly disappointing year' for immigrant advocates

As a candidate, Joe Biden emphasized how different his immigration policy would be from that of former President Donald Trump, promising to “take urgent action to undo Trump’s damage,” but after nearly a year of the Biden presidency, immigrant advocates are disheartened.... Read more»

Nearly all asylum-seekers show up for court, data shows

More than a decade of data show that asylum-seekers and other migrants facing immigration hearings appear in court at least 83% of the time, with some rates as high as 96%. A new report challenges what one expert called a "pernicious myth." ... Read more»