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Lawsuits over bans on teaching critical race theory are coming – here’s what won’t work, and what might

Now that the furor over teaching kids about racism has reached a boiling point in communities across the country - and states and school districts are threatening teachers with disciplinary action - the question naturally arises: Does this violate the teachers’ First Amendment rights?... Read more»

Tossing unsigned ballots on Election Day is OK, Arizona tells 9th Circuit

During an appeal stemming from a June 2020 lawsuit, attorneys for the state and the Republican Party told a three-judge Ninth Circuit panel a federal judge erred when he blocked Arizona county recorders from throwing out unsigned ballots at the end of Election Day.... Read more»

Ninth Circuit puts kibosh on Libertarian fight of Arizona election rules

While Arizona’s election requirements may force Libertarians to work harder to put candidates on the primary ballot, the rules passed constitutional muster Friday with a Ninth Circuit panel. ... Read more»