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Walden Grove high school standout drafted by Kansas City Royals

Walden Grove high school standout drafted by Kansas City Royals

Sahaurita student accepts pro baseball slot

  • Milo Rushford
    Milo Rushford

When Walden Grove Class of 2022 valedictorian and baseball standout Milo Rushford graduated with a 4.66 GPA, his plan was to continue his education and play baseball at New Mexico State University.

Then the phone rang.

The Kansas City Royals notified him Tuesday that they drafted him in the 18th Round of the MLB Draft at pick No. 535.

Rushford accepted the offer.

While he won't attend New Mexico State, he plans to get his degree online.

He's not sure where yet, but would like to study environmental science and ecology while he chases his baseball dream.

"I plan to start my professional career and get my degree while I'm playing and hopefully hit some baseballs," Rushford said Tuesday.

For Rushford, playing in Major League baseball has been a longtime dream. His father, Jim, played for the Milwaukee Brewers in 2002.

"I grew up watching my dad play, so it's something I've always looked up to since I was little. He used to take me into the clubhouse and he's always been the biggest supporter, of course, and he's done a lot to help get me here."

When the phone call from the Royals came in, Rushford had already made up his mind.

"I made my decision over a longer period of time to start my professional career or go to college to play, and ultimately I just feel ready to get started while I'm still young and get out and start getting to work."

As Rushford heads off to write the next chapter in his baseball career, he wishes the community well.

"Thanks to all my coaches over the years," he said. "I really appreciate all the friends that have supported me and all the friends that I've made around here and everyone I've ever met in high school. It's been really cool."

This report was first published by the Green Valley News.

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