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Another German scores, this time for TSA FC

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Another German scores, this time for TSA FC

'Mac' German nets tying goal against I-10 rivals

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When they faced off with Phoenix del Sol on Tuesday night, it had been several matches since TSA FC, Tucson’s women’s soccer team, had scored a goal. Given the surprising margin of Tuesday’s World Cup semifinal, it made sense that the goal to break that streak was scored by a German.

Well, she’s actually Canadian, but her name is German: Mackenzie German.

The Edmondton, Alberta, native is one of a handful of UTEP players who have joined the squad. Brianna Barriero, a Tucson native, helped convince two of her teammates, both Canadians, to join the squad for the summer. Why the two Edmonton natives, German and midfielder Nicole Lindsay, would chose Tucson for the summer is an open question.

Although recruiting players from far afield is standard practice for TSA’s male counterpart, FC Tucson, TSA FC has preferred to count on local soccer players.

Coach Amy Garelick says that German, who prefers to go by “Mac,” has been a good supplement to the local players on the squad.

“Having her and Kaitlyn (Lopez) consistently every game with pace driving at the back, that’s what they are most successful at,” she said. “That’s where most of our chances have come.”

Chances haven’t been the trouble with the team; finishing them has been. It fell to German in the 17th minute to end the agonizing series of strikes that hit crossbars or fall helplessly wide of the net.

“I just saw space and attacked it with speed,” she said. “I just took my moment and let her rip.”

“You just know as soon as it hits your foot,” she added.

Even with her strike, one that put the team on level with Phoenix after ASU scoring ace Cali Farquharson had scored in the 10th minute, TSA had the bad luck of several frustrating near-goals. A second-half shot from German rolled nearly along the goal line. A later cross to forward Alison Raniere generated two chances in succession for the substitute, but both were stymied by the Phoenix defense.

“That’s been our season,” said Garelick.

The match ended in a draw, the second of two against the team’s most fierce rivals in the league.

“I said ‘let’s go the first ten minutes without giving up a goal’, and 10 minutes and 37 seconds in we give up a goal,” said coach Garelick. “We are dead even with them, we really wanted to get a win out of that.”

Their series with Phoenix over the past two seasons has three ties and one win for TSA.

The team has two games left in their season, both at home. They face off with LA Hotspur FC at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday as the undercard for FC Tucson’s final league match. On Sunday, they have a match at 10:30 a.m. against LA Legends. Both matches are at Kino North Stadium.

Mi Gallo es FC Tucson

For once TSA was at the top of the card, if we do cards these days, with FC Tucson as their opener. FC Tucson played a friendly with a team of all-stars from the local Menlo League. FC Tucson won 2 – 0, with both of their goals coming from FC Tucson academy player Erik “Gallo” Virgen. The 14-year-old’s father played for Mexican club Atlas.

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