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Arrest warrant issued for cyclist Floyd Landis

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Arrest warrant issued for cyclist Floyd Landis

Accused of hacking into French lab's computer

  • Floyd Landis
    Frank Steele/FlickrFloyd Landis

Disgraced cyclist Floyd Landis has been charged with hacking into a French anti-doping lab's computer system.

Judge Thomas Cassuto, the French judge who issued the warrant, charges that Landis hacked into the labs computers in 2006.

Landis was stripped of his Tour de France title from that year after testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs. He was also hit with a two-year suspension after synthetic testosterone, a banned male sex hormone, showed up in his samples.

Pierre Bordry, the lab’s director, said a security breach of the facility’s computers occurred because hackers wanted to obtain data to discredit its scientists, reports the New York Times. He said that some of the stolen data had been altered to make it seem as if the lab had made errors.

Landis has long denied cheating, and said in an email to the Los Angeles Times that the lab is out to get him.

"It appears to be another case of fabricated evidence by a French lab who is still upset a United States citizen believed he should have the right to face his accusers and defend himself."

A warrant also was issued for Arnie Baker, a retired doctor and longtime Landis adviser.

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