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Boca vs. River: The culture of soccer in Argentina

Imagine Red Sox & Yankees in the same city

The passion of Argentina is club soccer. Here you’ll find some of the world’s most fervent soccer fans and spectacular club rivalries. A soccer team here isn’t just about sport, it’s a social identity. Imagine the Red Sox and the Yankees in the same city.

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Sep 9, 2010, 7:31 am
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I believe that A SUPER CLASICO match is an outstanding football event that if you have the possibility to see you will never regret. Attending to this game at La Bombonera stadium is like a religious act, it is true that “People forget everything when they watch a Boca match,” the Boca fans(La Doce) chanting for hours, the passion of the people in their constant jumps and all the energy you feel around , are incredible things that create an atmosphere that you can live in a few places. I attend a super clasico two years ago, and it was great, that day, Boca Juniors, my team, won the match, so the energy around the entire stadium was unbelievable and I felt part of all that incredible feeling of the people!

Before I realized how was the football culture in Argentina, or how it could it be going to a Boca Junior vs. River Plate match, I read this article  that allowed me to understand better, how football is like a religion, and such an important thing for all the country.

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