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Hispanic senator calls for All-Star game boycott over immigration law

Robert Menendez, the Senate's only Hispanic-American, has asked Major League Baseball players to boycott the 2011 All Star Game in Phoenix to protest Arizona's new immigration law.
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May 11, 2010, 10:33 am
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Hey, Soon to be “FORMER” Sen. Robert Melendez, if N.J. has any Americans in it, They, not Hispanics should consider your statement offensive! What DON’T you understand about the word “Illegal”? Are you suggesting all Americans should do illegal things if the laws don’t suit them, or is it just an “assumed right of Hispanics” in your simple mind? Are you a scoflaw? What the hell is wrong with you? YOU are supposed to be a leader? You are the disgrace to Hispanics, not the Arizona law! My father came into America through Ellis Island legally! I expect that from all immigrants. This is the land of “OPPORTUNITY” not “ENTITLEMENT” as you liberal jerks think it is!
You embarrassed yourself by showing your racist colors, pal! Can’t live within the law? Get the hell out. New Jersey, you have a job to do! GIT ‘ER DONE!

— 30 —


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