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We are Tucson's independent, locally run source of nonpartisan news. Since our 2010 launch, we've gained an increasing readership that cares about making Tucson a better place.

Contact us to support quality local reporting and target your message to our growing readership of thousands every day. More than 17,000 Facebook fans, 14,000-plus combined Twitter followers and 23,000 registered newsletter subscribers attest to our readers' loyalty to our site.

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Why is different?

We’re local, independent and nonprofit. We care about our community and invest our resources back into robust reporting. We maintain professional news standards and provide even-handed, honest journalism. is part of the vanguard of Local Independent Online News Publishers, a member of the prestigious Institute for Nonprofit News, and has gained a national reputation for delivering solid, hard-hitting local news. Since our launch, we've posted over 32,000 stories.

We don't report the news for profit, we report to make a better community. We believe that a smarter Tucson is a better Tucson.

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Readers come to for insightful reporting, to discuss local issues, and because they can access the news wherever they are - at a desk or on the go. Our attractive, intuitive site gives readers quick access to breaking news and thoughtful analysis that keeps readers coming back throughout the day.’s quality journalism attracts influential, affluent, educated readers who are engaged in their community. Our readers include opinion leaders who can help magnify your message. lets you efficiently reach this discerning readership.

Impact delivers. Our local visitors spend an average of 3 minutes per visit, reading 3 or more pages each visit. Our traffic is growing rapidly, with tens of thousands of our stories read daily — with spikes to nearly 100,000 on busy breaking news days.

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On track to have well over 6 million pageviews over the next year, is read by thousands of local readers every day. On busy breaking news days, our readership can spike to 100,000 or more.

Our readers are predominately local, with over 85 percent in Arizona, and more than 70 percent in the Tucson metro area. 53 percent are female, with 28 percent of all readers aged 35-44 and 25 percent 45-54 years old.

Among our frequent readers are those categorized as:

  • Political junkies
  • News junkies
  • Technophiles
  • Business & economic news junkies
  • Music lovers
  • Entertainment news junkies
  • Travel buffs

Based on their browsing habits, Google Analytics says our readers are interested in purchasing, among other items:

  • Real estate/residential properties
  • Travel/hotels & accommodations
  • Financial services
  • Home & garden/home improvement & home furnishings
  • Computers
  • Motor vehicles
  • Consumer electronics
  • Financial services

We're read on the go, as well as at the desk and on the couch: 55 percent of our readers are on mobile.

What they're saying about

"Our nation would be in much better shape if more media outlets took the time to find the facts and report them as you do." — T.E.

"I'm so sick of watching TV news, it's great to know I'm up-to-date with the Tucson Sentinel." — J.O.

"People are going to be looking more and more to the Sentinel. A new day for solid reporting is breaking." — B.M.

"I now know what news source to trust the most in Tucson." — D.G.

"I currently rank yours as the best news outlet in Tucson. Keep up the good work." — S.J.

" has been spot-on this entire time." — J.H.

"High five for your reporting efforts. You've been doing one hell of a job." — J.L.

"Fantastic coverage. Thank you for your timeliness and reliability." — T.S.

"Everybody in the country is chasing again." — B.P.

"Do you reside in Tucson? Do you read You should." — B.M.

"You have done a great job covering this story in a respectful and thorough - yes, that's what journalism is supposed to be - manner. Thank you." — J.E.

"Thanks for providing an independent news source for Tucson." — G.C.

"It's so nice to have accurate reporting now days :) Keep it up." — L.M.

"I like the Tucson Sentinel for always following up and following through on stories. Not just grabbing a headline and forgetting." — N.H.

"Tucson Sentinel, I love and deeply respect your coverage of the real news in our good Old Pueblo. Tucson rocks and so do you. Your reporting of Gabby's progress gets a tear from me nearly every post. Your journalism has heart, courage and lots and lots of love for our beautiful city." — B.V.

"I want you to continue and thrive. I'm telling everyone I know about" — J.O.

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