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A screenshot from the briefing in the case shows the Navajo reservation situated between Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah.

The fight for water in the West heads to the Supreme Court next week where the justices will decide if Arizona has a duty to give the Navajo Nation a share of the region's most precious resource - recognition of their water rights to the Colorado River. Read more»

Gov. Katie Hobbs told the Arizona Supreme Court that the state’s 'deeply broken corrections system' lacks trained staff, proper procedures and may not even have the appropriate drugs to execute death-row inmate Aaron Gunches by April 6 as the court has ordered. But others have said Hobbs does not have any choice in the matter.

With just three weeks until convicted murderer Aaron Gunches is scheduled to be put to death, a court battle continues to rage over whether Arizona will be ready to execute him by lethal injection on April 6. Read more»

Bills also were filed this year in Arizona, California, Montana, Texas, Utah and Washington state restricting foreign ownership of American farmland.

Though Chinese companies own just 383,935 acres, less than 1% of foreign-held acres, nearly a third of states have laws prohibiting certain foreign businesses and governments from buying agricultural lands within their borders, and more states are looking to join them. Read more»

A Border Patrol vehicle driving along the border near Naco, Ariz., in March 2020.

Border Patrol agents shot and killed a person Tuesday evening following a pursuit on Highway 286 southwest of Tucson, authorities said. Read more»

'Strong Arm' was a well-known local saguaro killed by climate change. It won't be the last as carbon emissions threaten Tucson's future. The city has a draft plan to do its part to address the global problem.

Tucson's "Resilient Together" draft plan is buzz-word rich, takes 36 pages to get to the introduction and could have been dictated by Siri in 2021 or done by ChatGPT today. It's also a good start that may well prove the savvy of Regina Romero. Read more»

The groups, including the Grand Canyon chapter of the Sierra Club, Living United for Change in Arizona and Fuerte Arts Movement, asked Toma to tell committee chairs to ensure that their members do not shout over public speakers and to shut down any hostility toward public speakers.

A group of advocacy organizations that say they want more respect for their members who speak in front of Arizona legislative committees have asked Republican House Speaker Ben Toma to “address the bullying, angry, and intimidating behavior” of some legislators. Read more»

A police officer retreats from a gunman who fired several shots from an Amtrak train in October 2021.

One of the men involved in a 2021 drug-smuggling attempt that turned into a bloody gunfight at the Amtrak station in Downtown Tucson pleaded guilty Wednesday to conspiracy and carrying a firearm during a drug trafficking crime. Read more»

Courts typically enforce civil laws like the one Kern is proposing, but it’s unclear who would determine if the court or the Bar is in violation of this measure.

A bill that would punish the State Bar of Arizona and the Arizona Supreme Court if they discipline attorneys for bringing baseless election fraud complaints in Arizona courts has continued to make its way towards becoming law. Read more»

Teachers march in front of the Arizona Capitol building on March 15, 2023, to protest a new hotline launched by the Arizona Department of Education that encourages parents to file complaints about lesson plans in Arizona classrooms.

Dozens of teachers took to the street on Wednesday afternoon to demand that Arizona Republican Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne’s newly established parental complaint hotline be dismantled. Read more»

'Unlike the left in America, we are not willing to remove the standards that are necessary to ensure free and fair elections,' Arizona Sen. Justine Wadsack, R-Tucson,  said Wednesday. 'But we also believe that voting should not be unnecessarily complicated. So why push towards this very complicated voting system?'

The Arizona Freedom Caucus wants to preemptively prohibit any use of ranked choice voting to decide city, state, county or federal elections, claiming "it disenfranchises voters and allows marginal candidates not supported by a majority of the voters to win elections.” Read more»

Supporters of bills to battle dementia spoke of the need for a statewide effort to battle dementia at a news conference at the state Capitol. One bill would require the Arizona Department of Health Services to build a dementia plan for policies and programs to fight Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, according to advocates.

State legislators are pushing a bill to build a state dementia plan and put up to $500,000 toward new jobs focused on Alzheimer’s disease, a common type of dementia that is rising especially fast in Arizona. Read more»

One of the bills, SB1030, initially sought to require a county board of supervisors to regulate businesses that host drag shows by adding them to the list of regulated adult-oriented businesses.

Arizona Senate Republicans voted Wednesday to support two bills aimed at regulating drag shows and related performances, despite concerns that the bills are intended only to regulate and ostracize LGBTQ people and content. Read more»

Residents of Rio Verde Foothills sign a petition urging the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to negotiate with the city of Scottsdale to solve the community's water crisis.

Residents of Rio Verde Foothills will likely sue Maricopa County over its inaction in solving the community’s ongoing water crisis after the county Board of Supervisors rejected a proposal which would have seen Scottsdale sell water to the county for distribution to the subdivision. Read more»

Each state will also receive a share of a separate $1.5 billion fund the federal government made available for charging stations last year.

The federal government will send $2.5 billion over the next five years to states, local governments and tribes to build electric vehicle charging infrastructure as part of the new Charging and Fueling Infrastructure grant program. Read more»

More sophisticated hackers and sellers in the online criminal ecosystem will not openly sell their 'high end' wares, only sharing that information with clients they trust or holding the information for their own personal use.

Multiple state agencies, including the Arizona Department of Homeland Security and state’s Medicaid provider, may have had their passwords and login credentials exposed in a breach of the popular password management software LastPass. Read more»

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