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What the Devil won't tell you

Driven crazy: 'RTA Next' on life support as Tucson-area governments squabble

Everyone wants it. But there appears to be little desire among local governments to make concessions to keep the Regional Transportation Authority going. ... Read more»0

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Portland-Seattle rivalry continues with preseason match in Tucson

The Seattle Sounders and Portland Timbers have been rivals since both teams played in the old NASL and first met at what was then called Civic Stadium in Portland in 1975 (a win for the Sounders, fans will point out). The latest edition of the rivalry kicks off at Tucson's Kino North Stadium at 7 p.m. Wednesday.... Read more»

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire

Justice Stephen Breyer will be retiring from the Supreme Court at the end of the term, according to Wednesday morning reporting from NBC. ... Read more»


Claytoonz: Trust the science

Many anti-vaxxers have started to trust the science when it’s too late, after catching the coronavirus. Their anti-science politics goes out the window when they start pleading with science to save their lives. ... Read more»

Republicans advance bill banning descriptions of sex, homosexuality in Arizona schools

Republicans backed a bill that would ban books like “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” “1984” and “The Great Gatsby” from Arizona schools because they contain frank descriptions of sex and sexuality - that critics say would effectively make it illegal to teach about homosexuality.... Read more»1

Court: University of Arizona not liable for off-campus assault by former player

The University of Arizona cannot be held liable under Title IX for a football player’s off-campus assault of his girlfriend, even though the university exercises “substantial control” over its student athletes, a federal court said Tuesday. ... Read more»

FactCheck: Trump on 'race-based medicine' for COVID-19

At a rally in Arizona on Jan. 15, former President Donald Trump waded into the debate over state policies allowing health systems to consider race as a risk factor when prioritizing the allocation of limited supplies of some COVID-19 therapeutics. ... Read more»

Immigration judges take free speech case to 4th Circuit

A three-judge panel of the Fourth Circuit heard arguments Tuesday over a Trump-era rule that immigration judges say continues to violate their freedom to speak out about government policies on their own time. ... Read more»

States accuse Google of tricking users to get location data

Attorneys general for three other states and the District of Columbia filed lawsuits Monday against Google, alleging that the ubiquitous internet titan collected valuable data about its users' locations through deception - similar to the lawsuit filed by Arizona in 2020.... Read more»

Despite decades of hacking attacks, companies leave vast amounts of sensitive data unprotected

Cybertheft conjures images of high-tech missions, with sophisticated hackers penetrating layers of security systems to steal data - but lax security measures mean many breaches are the equivalent of grabbing jewels from an unlocked car parked in a high-crime neighborhood.... Read more»

States weigh how to shield election officials from threats, harassment

Following the turmoil of the 2020 election, election officials across the country have faced threats and harassment, but attempts to include them as a protected category under harassment statutes - raising charges from a misdemeanor to a felony - have has run into opposition.... Read more»

COVID conflicts smolder in states

The divide over the politics of the COVID-19 pandemic continues in states as the crisis grinds toward its third lethal year and hospital systems in every corner of the country are strained - and the divide continues playing out even in how lawmakers conduct business.... Read more»

Electric vehicles charge ahead in statehouses

Automakers are planning to put nearly 1 million new electric vehicles on American roads in 2022 as sales in the United States doubled in 2021 compared with 2020, and lawmakers are trying to make sure their states are ready. ... Read more»

Biden administration drops vaccine-or-test workplace rule

The Biden administration announced Tuesday it will withdraw an emergency mandate that would have required employees at large businesses to get the COVID-19 vaccine or test regularly for the virus.... Read more»

Pima County supervisors worried about Tucson's RTA stance

Pima County supervisors said that they're "concerned" about the city of Tucson's threat to leave the Regional Transportation Authority if "serious commitments" to change its governing structure aren't made. Some county leaders think its part of a larger trend in the city-county relationship. ... Read more»

Bill to limit Arizona governor's emergency powers was sparked by Ducey's COVID orders

New legislation that limits the power of future Arizona governors to declare a public health emergency has passed the Senate Government Committee with a slim margin and now awaits debate by the full Senate.... Read more»

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