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Mapping out Laura Conover's sweeping victory to become Pima County attorney

Laura Conover’s victory in the August 4 Democratic primary election for Pima County attorney was decisive and thorough. She received 82,708 of the 140,285 votes cast — giving her about 59 percent of the vote.... Read more»0

Mapping the GOP supervisor primary in Pima County's District 1

With retiring Supervisor Ally Miller's endorsement, newcomer Steve Spain scored a solid victory in the August 4 Republican primary for Pima County supervisor in District 1. ... Read more»0

Mapping out Ramon Valadez's surprising primary defeat

Many were taken by surprise by Matt Heinz's primary election victory over incumbent Ramón Valadez in Pima County's Supervisor District Two. Here's where he got those votes:... Read more»1

Guest opinion

Good intentions aside, Strong Start Tucson is a bad idea

At first glance Strong Start Tucson—the initiative that promises high-quality preschool for up to 8,500 kids—seems like a nice idea. But voters should look closer at what the initiative would actually do. It is flawed in ways that could produce disastrous outcomes. I think it’s a risk Tucsonans would be unwise to take.... Read more»2

Guest opinion

Prop. 401: Good government for whom?

Guest opinion: In politics, the phrase "good government" is a notorious harbinger of suspicion. Legislative maneuvers sold under this banner naturally beg the question "good for whom?" The answer, all too often, is some deep-pocketed clique with a purposefully opaque agenda. ... Read more»0