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Stories by Rebecca L. McClay

Rural Arizona strains to deal with mounting foreclosures

As the Phoenix area's crush of foreclosures has drawn national attention, routinely ranking that area among the most severely hit markets in the U.S., rural communities in Arizona have been quietly grappling with their own crisis.... Read more»0

Transplant hopefuls appeal to GOP to restore Medicaid funds

Democratic lawmakers held a news conference with a group of patients denied organ transplants to demand a special session to reinstate the $1.4 million program. They blamed Gov. Brewer for keeping new organs out of the reach of those whose survival hangs in the balance.... Read more»1

Global Arizona 100

Business leaders: Az government must drive global competition

The state government will have to play a critical role if Arizona businesses are to become global competitors, business leaders said at conference Wednesday.... Read more»0

Voters approve secret-ballot proposition for union organizing

Employees interested in forming a union in Arizona may find the process a little lengthier after voters approved a proposition requiring a secret ballot vote.... Read more»0

Proposition 113

Out-of-state group backs effort to require secret ballot in union votes

The fate of a ballot measure that would require secret ballots to form unions may hinge on whether voters think unions or employers are bigger bullies to workers.... Read more»0

Arizona firm seeks green in algae farming

Take a little Arizona sunshine and mix in water and some cow manure. It's the perfect recipe for what some see as the next major industry for the state: algae farming.... Read more»1

Hispanic business owners blame SB 1070 for exodus of customers

Some Latino-business owners blame their struggles on what they call an exodus of their customer base – immigrants who are afraid of Arizona's controversial immigration law, SB 1070, and are fleeing to other states.... Read more»0

Algae companies hope for biofuel breakthrough

Arizona could become a leader in the algae biofuel industry, if companies can mass produce the tiny plant for an affordable petroleum substitute, researchers said Tuesday.... Read more»0

Tourism leaders look to rebuild Arizona brand in wake of SB 1070

""It's difficult to know what the long-term impacts will be," says a tourism official, but the worst of SB 1070′s effect on Arizona's tourism industry has likely passed.... Read more»0


Phoenix mining company invests in Gulf of Mexico oil drilling

Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. is investing $500 million in a Louisiana company set to ramp up oil production in the Gulf of Mexico in the next few years.... Read more»0

Prop. 301 pits reeling state budget against preserving open space

The Legislature referred Proposition 301, also called the Land Conservation Fund Transfer, to have voters decide whether $123.5 million in state funds will be kept for preservation projects or siphoned into the general fund to balance the budget.... Read more»0

Arizona’s economy on slow road to recovery, says forecaster

Arizona's economy is pulling out of recession, albeit it at a slow pace, as the job market, retail sector and housing industry show signs of improvement.... Read more»0

Tough economy, stock market swings create light times for Az IPOs

Arizona's market for new public companies showed signs of life earlier this year with two companies poised to offer stock for the first time. But the market for public offerings lost momentum as the overall stock market veered down a volatile path and at least one of those companies put the brakes on its plan.... Read more»0

Kingman hopes Hoover Dam bypass opens economic floodgate

The roughly six-mile bypass on U.S. Route 93 is touted as a way to improve safety and commuting time for 14,000 motorists daily, but government officials and Kingman businesses are anticipating an economic boost.... Read more»0