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Stories by Jesse Eisinger

Walmart was almost charged criminally over opioids. Trump appointees killed the indictment.

Even as company pharmacists protested, Walmart kept filling suspicious prescriptions, stoking the country’s opioid epidemic. A Republican U.S. Attorney in Texas thought the evidence was damning. Trump’s political appointees? Not so much.... Read more»0

The latest myth about govt’s mishandling of housing market

No matter how many times people debunk the notion that government policy created the housing bubble, it doesn't die. Now, we are having another argument about whether the government is creating a new housing disaster for taxpayers. The target this time: the Federal Housing Administration.... Read more»0

Unraveling the Freddie-Fannie tangle

The taxpayer-backed mortgage giants, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, play a huge and growing role in the economy yet are riven by conflicts of interest and clashing goals.... Read more»0

We’ve nationalized the home mortgage market. Now what?

The home loan market was nationalized in a slapdash fashion and is now riven by conflicts of interest and competing goals. To solve it, a consensus is forming to head down the path of the least resistance but greatest risk.... Read more»0


No, Obama isn't about to crack down on Wall Street

In President Obama's second term, financial regulation would finally appear to have the leverage. Wall Street spent zillions on Mitt Romney, who had promised to roll back financial reform, and lost. Elizabeth Warren now sits in the world's greatest deliberative body.... Read more»0

Finders weepers: Early Bain disputes cast new light on Its business

Romney's private equity firm battled with brokers, also asked them to find healthy companies, not just turnarounds. ... Read more»0

Fannie and Freddie: Slashing mortgages good business

Reducing mortgages would help keep hundreds of thousands of families in their homes, save Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae money and help taxpayers, the mortgage giants said.... Read more»0

Standard & Poor’s Triple A ratings collapse again. The question is why?

Two weeks ago, Standard & Poor's put out a press release: The credit rating agency warned it was poised to downgrade almost 1,200 complex mortgage securities. So what? Isn't that dog-bites-man at this point?... Read more»0