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New attempt in Congress to help Dreamers runs into familiar obstacles

Legislation creating a path to citizenship for undocumented people brought to the U.S. as children faces a new border crisis and old partisan objections, diminishing the chances it will become law despite full Democratic control of Congress and the White House. Passing the DREAM Act became harder this week as Republicans ramped up their anti-immigration messaging amid a surge of migrant children crossing the border.... Read more»0

Democrats unveil resolution to impeach Trump, fearing self-pardon

Heading off a potential attempt at a self-pardon by President Donald Trump is among the many factors behind the Democrat's resolution to impeach the president less than two weeks before the end of his term.... Read more»0

Politicians quit Congress, but their 'zombie' campaigns stagger on with millions in the bank

About two dozen former House candidates in Arizona, Michigan, Florida, Virginia and around the country — including Ed Pastor who died in 2018 — received recent letters from the Federal Election Commission basically asking them: What does this campaign committee even do anymore.... Read more»0