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Schaller: We're still in the dark as western water framework unravels

As Arizona’s Colorado River crisis becomes more intractable, I wonder what it will take for some honest information on the extent of water shortage we’re facing. It would be nice to have a community conversation before the next tier of rationing hits.... Read more»0

Guest opinion

Schaller: Arizona's coming water shortage: Getting the story right

Pending cutbacks mean Arizona will lose fully one-third of our annual allocation of Colorado River water — with even more punitive cuts pending. As Lake Mead’s dire water level begins to capture public attention, a complex situation grows more challenging to understand even on a good day.... Read more»0

Guest opinion

In the climate and COVID interregnum, Tucson must be bold

"Tucson is between two ages. We are on both sides of a threshold, where we are at once committing to move away from destructive policies destroying our climate while not yet fully accommodating the interruption of a global health emergency." — David Schaller is a retired EPA environmental scientist and Tucson native.... Read more»0