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Stories by Victoria Knight

Is my cloth mask good enough? The 2022 edition.

Public health officials are recommending that people upgrade from cloth to higher-quality medical-grade masks as the Omicron variant is sweeping the U.S., causing a huge spike in COVID-19 cases and overwhelming hospital systems.... Read more»0

La máscara de tela, ¿es lo suficientemente buena contra Omicron?

Los funcionarios de salud pública recomiendan que las personas pasen de tela a máscaras médicas de mayor calidad, ya que la variante Omicron está arrasando en los EE. UU., causando un gran aumento en los casos de COVID-19 y abrumando los sistemas hospitalarios.... Read more»0

Is it time to change the definition of 'fully vaccinated'?

As more indoor venues require proof of vaccination for entrance and with winter — as well as Omicron, a new COVID variant — looming, scientists and public health officials are debating when it will be time to change the definition of “fully vaccinated” to include a booster shot.... Read more»0

Pharma campaign cash delivered to key lawmakers with surgical precision

The Biden administration and Congress are embroiled in haggling over what priorities will make it into the spending bill, but for the pharmaceutical industry there is one agenda: Heading off Medicare drug price negotiation, which it considers an threat to its business model.... Read more»0

FactCheck: An ad’s charge that price haggling would 'swipe $500 billion from Medicare' is incorrect

The 60 Plus Association ran an ad that claimed Medicare drug price negotiations were “swiping” $500 billion from Medicare and going to be used to “cut benefits and no longer pay for lifesaving medicines" - while the $500 billion number is based on facts, everything else is misleading.... Read more»0


Biden releases a new plan to combat COVID, but experts say there’s still a ways to go

On Sept. 9, Biden announced a six-part plan to combat the delta variant and step up efforts to get control of COVID. ... Read more»0

Immunosuppressed people grapple with returning to work

Research showing how well vaccines protect those with weakened immune systems is limited. In part that’s because immunosuppressed people, who make up at least 3% of the U.S. population and include people with cancer, HIV and many chronic health conditions, were not included in the original clinical trials for the three COVID vaccines authorized for emergency use.... Read more»0

On vacci-dating: Singles seem enamored of sharing vaccination status online. Is that wise?

In the world of on-line dating, people are announcing their vaccination status in dating app profiles. As eligibility for the covid vaccine opens up to groups that may include younger people, it’s likely vaccine status will gain more prominence in dating profiles. But should this declaration give people the peace of mind to start increasing the frequency of in-person dates?... Read more»0

According to science, it's not time to return to normal

A blog post by conservative talk show host Buck Sexton claims scientific evidence shows that right now we should “open the schools, stop wearing masks outside, and everyone at low risk should start living normal lives.” Public health experts disagreed, stating science does not support the idea that the time is right. That would allow the virus to continue to spread and have a large human cost in hospitalizations and deaths.... Read more»0

Students’ mass migration back to college gets a failing grade

The great student migration has resulted in COVID outbreaks on college campuses nationwide, because predictive models failed to take into account that kids who test positive for the virus, whether sick or asymptomatic, might continue to party.... Read more»0