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No cold elders: Volunteers provide firewood for Navajo families ahead of winter

As winter approaches, volunteers with Chizh for Cheii are preparing to deliver firewood to elders on the Navajo Nation reservation, where nearly 90% of homes rely on wood for heat.... Read more»0

Social media disinformation tactics that attempted to deceive Arizonans in the 2020 elections

As Arizona landed in the spotlight among the last few states to declare a winner in the presidential race, false claims and multiple fake accounts cropped up on Twitter.... Read more»0

COVID-19 in Arizona: Ducey says state will remain open, prepare for fall

Gov. Doug Ducey emphasized his commitment to keeping the state open during a news conference Thursday, with no current plans for “dramatic changes” to be made despite “a gradual rise in cases.”... Read more»0

As smoke chokes West, Calif. governor says fires show reality of climate change

California Gov. Gavin Newsom told reporters Friday that wildfires ravaging the West this summer are a direct result of climate change.... Read more»0