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Crímenes de odio en Arizona alcanzan su nivel más alto desde el 9/11

Los crímenes de odio en Arizona en 2020 fueron los más altos reportados desde 2001 desde ataques del 11 de septiembre, según nuevas estadísticas del FBI. Expertos dicen que probablemente muchos más crímenes de odio no fueron denunciados. ... Read more»0

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Arizona hate crimes hit their highest level since 9/11, and it’s likely an undercount

Hate crimes in Arizona in 2020 were the highest reported since 2001 in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, according to new FBI statistics, but advocates and experts say many more hate crimes mostly likely were unreported. ... Read more»0

Nearly 2 years into pandemic, Az theatres & performers adapting to 'new normal'

Live theatre was among the industries hardest hit by the pandemic - many companies had to furlough staff members, cancel performances and forgo various planned events - but for the first time in almost two years, companies are finding ways to make sure the show goes on. ... Read more»0

New Arizona law prohibits vehicles blocking sidewalks, punishable by a $250 fine

A new Arizona law making it a crime if your vehicle is blocking a sidewalk was one of 12 new laws that went into effect Wednesday - others deal with penalties for “doxxing”, classifying gun stores as essential businesses and adding new provisions for aggressive or reckless driving.... Read more»0

Expanded Child Tax Credit program did a 'world of good,' Arizona politicians say

Advocates and Arizona government officials are praising the newly expanded Child Tax Credit, which has provided thousands of dollars to Arizona households, calling it “help when we need it the most.” ... Read more»0

Arizona nonprofits to mark 20th anniversary of 9/11 with national day of service

Across the state, many nonprofits are commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks through community outreach on the National Day of Service and Remembrance. ... Read more»0

Report: 'Child care deserts' hit poor, rural Arizona families hardest

Arizona has 304,180 infants and toddlers who need child care but only 234,270 slots to accommodate them, with poor and rural families most likely to be left out, a recent study said.... Read more»0

With focus on COVID-19, experts fear opioid crisis may worsen unseen

According to data collected by the ADHS, verified opioid overdoses jumped from 375 in February to 479 in March, the height of pandemic-related restrictions on business and travel. Confirmed opioid overdoses peaked at 500 in August, before starting to move back down.... Read more»0

Navajo health director named to Biden’s advisory board on COVID-19

President-elect Joe Biden has said dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic will be one of the first orders of business for his administration, and the head of the Navajo Health Department will be there to advise him on it.... Read more»0

Arizona ballot count complete, but Republicans press ahead with challenges

Arizona elections officials finished counting the last of more than 3.4 million ballots over the weekend and are vowing to certify the results in the next two weeks, despite ongoing challenges from state Republicans.... Read more»0

Trump’s voting irregularity claims get cold reception in court hearing

Roopali Desai, the attorney for the secretary of state, said the suit does not seem to be concerned with overvotes as much as it aims to “undermine the integrity and credibility of the election.” ... Read more»0

Trump lawsuit targets Maricopa vote count, as gap with Biden narrows

The Trump campaign added Arizona this weekend to the list of states where it has gone to court to challenge the ballot count, charging that Maricopa County rejected ballots that should have been given a second review.... Read more»0

Cities, police brace for possible unrest after heated election

National and local law enforcement agencies are preparing to respond in case civil disturbances break out after Tuesday’s elections, which experts fear may have a “different venue for challenging election results, namely in the streets.”... Read more»0

Advocates worry 'food insecurity' gains could be upended by COVID-19

Advocates fear that years of steady improvements in the level of “food insecurity” among Arizona children could be reversed this year by the economic toll of COVID-19, a shift that could have long-lasting effects.... Read more»0

Supreme Court’s ruling on Census end a ‘bitter pill’ for tribes

The Supreme Court Tuesday said the Census Bureau can stop its count of the population, a blow to tribal leaders and local advocates for underrepresented communities in Arizona who said they would be hit hardest by an undercount.... Read more»0

Activists rush to register new voters after judge extends Arizona deadline

Arizona nonprofits are working “nonstop” to register voters before opponents can overturn a federal judge’s ruling that extended the state’s voter registration deadline from Monday to Oct. 23.... Read more»0

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