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U.S. to send Ukraine advanced weapons, raising stakes in war

Tensions between Moscow and the West are escalating further after the United States and Germany said they are sending advanced heavy-duty weapons to aid Ukraine in its defense against Russia’s invasion. ... Read more»0

Bombs hit Ukrainian cities as Russian economy sinks

The shelling of Ukrainian cities intensified on Monday as Ukraine and Russia exchanged accusations about war crimes and blamed each other for starting a war that has brought the world to the brink of a global catastrophe. ... Read more»0

As climate summit enters final stretch, activists decry it as a failure

Crucial talks in Glasgow to rein in climate change entered the final stretch on Monday after a weekend of protests where activists criticized the conference as a failure because world leaders aren't taking global warming seriously enough. ... Read more»0

Global leaders pledge to end deforestation, rein in methane

On the second day of a major United Nations climate change conference in Glasgow, world leaders pledged to end deforestation by 2030 and U.S. President Joe Biden pushed to make the United States a leader on reducing methane emissions and halting global warming. ... Read more»0

UN health agency slams richer nations over COVID-19 booster shots

With much of the world still unvaccinated, the World Health Organization said it is immoral for richer countries to start offering COVID-19 booster shots to their populations. - the same day that the United States said it will recommend booster vaccine shots against declining immunity.... Read more»0

Violent phase in pandemic hits as protests break out around globe

The coronavirus pandemic is entering an unruly and violent phase as protests against mandatory vaccines break out in vaccine-rich Western countries and anger mounts in poorer countries where vaccines are only trickling in. ... Read more»0

WHO warns delta strain poses global risk

The head of the World Health Organization on Friday warned the highly contagious Delta strain of the coronavirus - which first emerged in India last October and has since been found in Arizona - poses a serious risk, prompting new travel restrictions and raising alarms around the world.... Read more»0

A year after COVID, WHO says virus likely to become endemic

Experts with the United Nations’ health agency said the novel coronavirus likely will become endemic even with the advent of vaccines. They also said humanity needs to prepare for the possibility of an even worse future pandemic.... Read more»0

Europe bars American travelers, citing virus surge in U.S.

The American accent will be missing among the flocks of travelers this summer in Europe. EU leaders said travelers from the United States will be barred from entering the EU until the U.S. manages to contain its coronavirus outbreak. ... Read more»0