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Stories by Alexia Fernández Campbell

Who benefited most from pandemic stimulus payments?

The Government Accountability Office told Congress that it couldn’t figure out if the massive pandemic stimulus bill reached everyone it was supposed to help and there’s no way to accurately track the payments by race or sex.... Read more»0

Millions of workers just got a pay raise

Millions of low-paid workers just got a raise.Twenty-one states and 35 municipalities hiked their minimum wages in January,... Read more»0

El Servicio Postal ha engañado a los carteros durante años

Decenas de gerentes de oficinas de correos han sido sorprendidos cambiando las tarjetas de asistencia de los empleados ... Read more»0

USPS has cheated mail carriers for years

Dozens of post office managers have been caught changing employee time cards. ... Read more»0

The economic recovery isn’t lifting everyone

The United States is slowly emerging from the COVID-19 economic recession; unemployment has dropped by more than half, people are spending more money, and families are paying off their credit card debt again - yet these milestones mask an uncomfortable truth: The economic recovery is mostly benefiting white families.... Read more»0

As protests grow, big labor sides with police unions

The latest in the historically fraught relationship among police, labor and the civil rights movement.... Read more»0