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Judge restores Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves

The U.S. government must restore Endangered Species Act protections for thousands of gray wolves in most of the lower 48 states because it failed to fully consider threats to the carnivorous mammal’s population, a federal judge ruled Thursday. ... Read more»0

9th Circuit ends court oversight of COVID policies at ICE detention facilities

Calling a nationwide injunction on ICE’s COVID-19 response “sweeping” and unwarranted, a divided Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals panel on Wednesday ended requirements for ICE to adopt policies to protect vulnerable immigrants from COVID-19 at 250 U.S. detention centers. ... Read more»0

Customs & Border Protection ordered to disclose social media surveillance rules

U.S. Customs and Border Protection cannot withhold information on its rules for authorizing agents to use fake identities and non-government accounts to spy on social media users, a federal judge ruled Wednesday. ... Read more»0

Judge abolishes Trump-era restrictions on visas for skilled foreign workers

A federal judge on Wednesday permanently abolished Trump-era changes to H-1B visa rules that businesses and universities complained would make it harder to hire and recruit highly skilled foreign workers and students. ... Read more»0

Judge finds Apple App Store rules violate antitrust law

In a major blow to Apple’s business model, a federal judge ruled Friday that the technology giant can no longer stop app developers from telling users how to sidestep its App Store and pay developers directly for subscriptions and other services. ... Read more»0

9th Circuit rejects bid to make feds rethink stance on marijuana

The 9th Circuit on Monday refused to make the federal government reconsider its position that cannabis is a dangerous drug - though one member wrote that while this case was not ripe for review, the government may soon be forced to reconsider its stance. ... Read more»0

Hot dry fall predicted for the West after hottest July on record

Climatologists forecast a 70% chance that La Niña conditions will return for a second year in a row this winter, which could bring some rain for coastal areas of the Northwest and more dry conditions for the Southwest. ... Read more»0

9th Circuit grapples with handling of COVID risk at ICE detention centers

A U.S. appeals judge said the lower court was “micromanaging” two detention centers by deciding which immigrants should be released on bail to reduce Covid-19 spread instead of letting ICE make the calls.... Read more»0

Climate change fueling more intense megadroughts in U.S. West

Climate change is pushing the western United States and northern Mexico toward an extreme long-term drought that could be worse than any in recorded history, scientists revealed in a new study published in the journal Science Thursday. ... Read more»1