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Stories by Markian Hawryluk

Hospices have become big business for private equity firms, raising concerns about end-of-life care

More than two-thirds of hospices nationwide now operating as for-profit entities, and many hospice veterans are worried the demand for return on investment and the debt load hospices are forced to bear are hurting patients and their families.... Read more»0

La alta demanda de perros de servicio crea un mercado salvaje y a veces fraudulento

La demanda de perros de servicio se ha disparado, pero esta demanda ha abrumado a los entrenadores sin fines de lucro y ayudó a lanzar una industria de perros de servicio con fines de lucro con etiquetas de precios elevados.... Read more»0

Demand for service dogs unleashes a 'Wild West' market

Demand for service dogs has exploded as they have proved adept at helping children and adults with an increasing range of disabilities, but this demand has overwhelmed nonprofit trainers and unmet needs have helped launch a for-profit service dog industry with hefty price tags.... Read more»0

Rural Americans in pharmacy deserts hurting for COVID vaccines

A recent analysis by the Rural Policy Research Institute found that 111 rural counties, mostly between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains, have no pharmacy that can give the vaccines. That could leave thousands of vulnerable Americans struggling to find vaccines, which in turn threatens to prolong the pandemic in many hard-hit rural regions.... Read more»0

Not so fast using CPAPs in place of ventilators: They could spread coronavirus

CPAP machines used to help people with sleep apnea may make for good complements to much-needed ventilators. Yet they might also spread the virus to others.... Read more»0