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La Niña responsible for megadroughts in North and South America, study finds

La Niña, the climate event that causes water to be colder than normal in the eastern Pacific, has now been shown by new research to be responsible for simultaneous megadroughts in the North and South American Southwest over the past 1,000 years. ... Read more»0

Arizona fined $1.1 million over failure of prison health care

A federal judge Wednesday fined Arizona $1.1 million for contempt stemming from its failure to comply with a 2014 settlement over the health care of inmates in the state’s prisons, the second such fine for the state since 2018. Prisoners and whistleblowers testified to nurses withholding medicine, cancer patients who were not treated, and guards who slept on the job while guarding prisoners on suicide watch.... Read more»0

ICE announces a halt to most arrests during coronavirus outbreak

Citing concerns over the coronavirus outbreak, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency announced Wednesday its agents would temporarily suspend most arrests, focusing only on individuals said to pose public safety risks or subject to mandatory detention on criminal grounds. ... Read more»0