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ADOT rolls out new dust detection system to help drivers on I-10

Dust storms in Arizona can blow up suddenly, and the patch of desert between Eloy and Picacho Peak is especially prone to wind-driven dust. Dust drastically reduces visibility for drivers, which is why the Arizona Department of Transportation, ahead of monsoon season, has implemented a new dust detection system to protect drivers on I-10 between Phoenix and Tucson.... Read more»0

90k-acre Bush Fire near Mesa, now the largest in the country, forces evacuations

Nearly 1,500 people living west of Roosevelt Lake have been forced to evacuate because of the fast burning Bush Fire, which now is the largest in the country at 89,059 acres.... Read more»0

What you need to know about Trump’s visit to Phoenix on Wednesday

Supporters of President Donald Trump already are lining up outside Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum in expectation of the president’s rally Wednesday evening. ... Read more»0