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Slow COVID-19 test results prevent effective contract tracing, health expert says

Arizona has failed to conduct robust contact tracing, which was considered a vital tool to slowing the spread of COVID-19 and proved effective in other parts of the world, public health experts say.... Read more»0

Experts ask death penalty states for scarce drugs that can treat CV-19 patients

Public health officials who use certain “execution drugs” to treat COVID-19 patients face competition from states that use those drugs to end lives rather than save them. ... Read more»0

NurseTogether is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0" title="Arizona health officials recommended last week that Arizonans wear nonmedical face coverings when outside the home to prevent transmission of the novel coronavirus that causes the respiratory disease COVID-19.">

Social distancing, face masks may be flattening curve of hospitalizations in Az

The pace of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Arizona appear to be slowing as a result of social distancing, but experts still expect statewide hospitalizations will peak in April. State health officials urge the public to continue taking necessary precautions.... Read more»0

Airlines, CDC work to more quickly track passengers exposed to coronavirus

Passenger information gets checked and re-checked at airports all over the world, but when it comes to tracking COVID-19, that data has, at times, taken days to reach health officials. ... Read more»0

‘Othered’: Coronavirus fears spur bias against Asian Americans

Dozens of airlines have canceled flights to China in the wake of the novel coronavirus outbreak, but at least one Asian American traveler is skipping his summer trip to the Philippines to avoid a spreading social illness: racism. ... Read more»0

Az researchers developing an additional test for novel coronavirus

Scientists in Flagstaff are working to develop a test that doctors and hospitals could use to diagnose coronavirus, which could help medical professionals respond to the global outbreak more quickly.... Read more»0