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Monday musings: Analysis

Will Arizona’s GOP trifecta vanish in 2021?

Political junkies who love a good soap opera should tune in to Arizona's Legislative District 6, where the 2020 election could end the Republican's "trifecta" control of the Governor's Office, the State House and the Senate.... Read more»0

Monday musings: Analysis

Herstam: What Raytheon wants, Raytheon gets

As the 2021 Arizona budget is crafted behind Republican closed doors (as usual), look for $3.5 million that funds "hypersonic" research and expanded wind tunnels at the University of Arizona. Why? Because Raytheon Missile Systems wants it. Plus: Presidential primary looms here, Brnovich continues Obamacare assault.... Read more»1

Monday musings: Analysis

Herstam: The end of lengthy vote-counting in Arizona?

Despite slow vote counts in Maricopa County in previous elections, there’s good news for 2020 – we’ll probably know the results on election night, just like the good old days! Plus: Sanders vs. Trump – the battle of two angry men, and Brnovich’s brazen power play.... Read more»0

Monday musings: Analysis

White flag flies over Ducey’s SB1070 attempt

In his State of the State speech last month, Gov. Doug Ducey called for a 2020 ballot measure constitutionally banning "sanctuary cities," breathing new life into the acrimonious immigration debate.... Read more»0

Monday musings: Analysis

Chill out and focus on turnout in 2020, Democrats

As Arizona’s Democratic presidential preference election early ballots are mailed to voters this week and other state primaries continue to roll out, Democratic activists are frenetic. ... Read more»0

Monday musings: Analysis

Will Dems win in 2020 only to see GOP control Az Leg in 2021?

Some deep blue Dems in the Legislature are being recruited to defect and vote for a Republican state House speaker, including Alma and Daniel Hernandez of Tucson. Plus: the 2020 presidential race all comes down to Wisconsin and Arizona.... Read more»1

Monday musings: Analysis

Ducey for president – but in D.C. or Tempe?

An often-asked political question by State Capitol observers these days: what will Gov. Doug Ducey do when his current, final term in office is over? What's his next dream job?... Read more»0


Ducey budget is a better deal than GOP leadership plans

The State Capitol budget is on an election year fast track, and that’s OK. Republican legislators should pass Gov. Doug Ducey’s fiscal year 2021 budget recommendation as is, thus eliminating what has become a closed-door, drawn-out GOP budget process. Democratic legislators can protest with their votes against it.... Read more»0