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In recent years, melatonin supplements have become an increasingly common child sleep aid that in the U.S. requires no prescription - but the American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends against the use of melatonin for chronic insomnia. Read more»

El programa de asistencia alimentaria del gobierno no cubre los pañales, ni la mayoría de los programas de ayuda pública a nivel estatal.

Ningún programa federal ayuda a los padres a pagar por los pañales para mantener a los bebés y niños pequeños limpios, secos y saludables, y para muchos padres, eso lleva a opciones desgarradoras: ¿pañales, comida o alquiler? Read more»

The government’s food assistance program does not cover diapers, nor do most state-level public aid programs.

One in every three American families cannot afford enough diapers to keep their infants and toddlers clean, dry and healthy, according to the National Diaper Bank Network. For many parents, that leads to wrenching choices: diapers, food or rent? Read more»

Measles vaccine being adminstered in Arizona

Across the nation, public health departments are redirecting scarce resources to try to control the spread of measles. Their success relies on shoe-leather detective work that is one of the great untold costs of the measles resurgence. Read more»

About 1 out of 5 women in America will experience depression in her lifetime, twice the number of men. Over the past decade, people have increasingly treated depression with medication: And today, about 15 percent of women take an antidepressant. Are they being overprescribed? It's complicated. Read more»

State lawmakers in California introduced legislation Wednesday that would require children to be fully vaccinated before going to school, a response to a measles outbreak that started in Southern California and has reached 107 cases in 14 states. Read more»

Co-Founder of Terra Firma, Montefiore Sr. Medical Director and Pediatrician Alan Shapiro checks on participant Maircio Zapata during a visit at the clinic.

Asylum cases are among the most difficult immigration status cases to win and a doctor’s testimony can help sway the decision. Such medical-legal partnerships have cropped up in New York and California, where thousands of unaccompanied minors have settled with their families or friends who were already in the U.S. Read more»

Employment rates for people with a serious mental illness are dismally low and getting worse, according to a report from the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Just 17.8 percent of people receiving public mental health services were employed in 2012 – down from 23 percent in 2003. Read more»

Autism exacts a heavy toll on families across the country, but what is the financial cost of the disorder? Read more»

Mark, a minister who lives in Northern California, has not been able to communicate with doctors for his son, Scott, since Scott became an adult.

Even if parents are providing health insurance, they often can’t find out about what’s happening when their adult children suffer from severe mental illnesses. Read more»

The Obama administration is counting on Latinos to help make the Affordable Care Act a success, but there may be troubles ahead: Hispanic health centers and community organizations say they don’t have the funding or resources to carry out the complicated sign up process for the 10 million Latinos who will be eligible for new public and subsidized health coverage options. Read more»

Over the past decade, colleges and universities across the country have seen an influx of students with mental health needs. The stigma of mental illness has started to dissipate, and more students are comfortable seeking help. Read more»

Insurance coverage for mental health treatment has long been spotty. More than a quarter of adults have a diagnosable mental health problem in any given year, but fewer than half receive treatment. While the Affordable Care Act goes a long way toward assuring coverage for most Americans, some gaps persist. Read more»

Lori Duff with her baby, Henry, and son, Logan, at home in Columbus, Ohio.

Mount Carmel Health System in Columbus, Ohio, has sued nearly 1,600 people in county court between 2009 and 2011. Most of them were patients who were unable to pay their medical bills. Read more»

The Obama administration announced Tuesday that 27 health systems have been selected to participate in Medicare’s Shared Savings Program. Read more»

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