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As strike against Asarco enters fourth month, workers remain determined

Union leaders say the close to 1,800 striking Asarco workers in Arizona and Texas remain “strong” as the strike entered its fourth month Monday, with little hope of a settlement in sight.... Read more»0

Arizona lawmakers, House, split on vote demanding end attacks on Iran

Arizona lawmakers split along party lines Thursday as the House passed a nonbinding resolution calling on the president to end the use of U.S. military “to engage in hostilities in or against Iran or any part of its government or military.” ... Read more»0

Feds say tiny snail in Utah, Arizona can no longer be listed as endangered

The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service said this week that it plans to take the Kanab ambersnail off the list of endangered species because the tiny snail is neither endangered – nor its own species.... Read more»0

Minimum wage increase puts Arizona near top; advocates say more needed

Arizona’s minimum wage rose from $11 to $12 an hour on New Year’s Day, The automatic increase gives Arizona one of the highest minimum wages in the country.... Read more»0

FDA’s sudden increase in legal tobacco age catches retailers off-guard

Retailers and local leaders said they were “caught with their pants down” by a Food and Drug Administration announcement last week that it had raised the legal age to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21.... Read more»0

Parties ratchet up rhetoric against lawmakers after impeachment vote

The House vote to impeach President Donald Trump was just minutes old when the emails started flying – impeachment supporters had aligned themselves with “socialist Democrats,” while Trump supporters had “spinelessly” caved to the president.... Read more»0

Arizona lawmakers split, as House takes historic vote to impeach Trump

Arizona lawmakers split along party lines Wednesday as the House took a historic vote to impeach President Donald Trump, making him just the third president to be impeached and the first while facing re-election.... Read more»1