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U.S. Supreme Court sides with El Paso’s Tigua tribe in decades-long gambling fight with Texas

El Paso’s Tigua Indians can legally operate bingo-based games at their Speaking Rock Entertainment Center in the Lower Valley - the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision - ending their three-decade fight with the state of Texas over gambling.... Read more»0

Internal investigation confirms Border Patrol failures leading up to 16-year-old’s death on cell floor

A government investigation into the 2019 death of a Guatemalan teenager in Border Patrol custody has found serious problems with the agency’s handling of sick detainees and broader problems with care in a detainee system that at the time was overwhelmed with migrants.... Read more»0

CBP turned away asylum seekers, claiming they didn’t have room for them. It often wasn’t true.

Frontline U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers and administration officials used the justification that port facilities were over capacity for processing asylum claims, including detention space - but records show that the capacity excuse often was untruthful.... Read more»0

New report shows 'deeply troubling failures' by Border Patrol in boy’s death, key congressional leader says

A new report details “deeply troubling failures” by U.S. Customs and Border Protection in the 2019 death of a Guatemalan boy in the agency’s custody, including the creation of false records suggesting he was monitored during the night.... Read more»0

VP Kamala Harris making first border visit in El Paso on Friday

Vice President Kamala Harris will head to El Paso on Friday, the first visit to the border by the Biden administration’s point person on migration issues.... Read more»0

'Circus is coming to town': How the El Paso Border Patrol’s 2018 Election Day plan unraveled

In 2018, the El Paso Border Patrol sector scrapped a “crowd control exercise” that was planned on Election Day, stating the exercise was postponed “due to inaccurate reporting that caused unneeded confusion in border communities,” - yet emails show it was never anything more than a scheme for media attention that drew heavy criticism within the Border Patrol and CBP.... Read more»0

ICE to free 6 migrant women who sued for release over COVID-19 fears

Six women will be freed from an El Paso immigration detention facility on Wednesday, five days after they alleged that Immigration and Customs Enforcement was putting them in danger of contracting COVID-19... Read more»0

ICE will free asylum-seeker who has been force-fed for 3 months in El Paso

An asylum seeker from Nepal who has been force-fed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in El Paso for more than three months could be released from custody this week, his attorneys said. ... Read more»0

ICE has force-fed asylum seeker in El Paso for almost 3 months

A 23-year-old asylum seeker from Nepal has not eaten voluntarily in more than 100 days and has been force-fed for most of the last three months, the latest and longest in a series of hunger strikes at the ICE detention facility in El Paso.... Read more»0

6 children died in Border Patrol care, Dems in Congress want to know why

Video contradicted the Border Patrol’s account of 16-year-old Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez’s death. Now, House Democrats are pressuring the agency to explain why six migrant children died under its care in less than a year.... Read more»0

House chairman says Trump admin misled Congress on boy’s death in custody

“This is inexcusable.” The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee responds to ProPublica’s report on the death of a 16-year-old Guatemalan migrant in Border Patrol custody.... Read more»0

Inside the cell where a sick 16-year-old boy died in Border Patrol care

Video shows Border Patrol held a sick teen in a concrete cell without proper medical attention and did not discover his body until his cellmate alerted guards. The video doesn’t match BP's account of his death.... Read more»0