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Has the ‘anti-vaxx’ movement made it impossible to talk about vaccines?

Renee Gentry is president of the Vaccine Injured Petitioners Bar Association, but she doesn’t tell people what she does for a living if she can avoid it. “It takes about six questions to get me to say vaccine, because immediately it’s, ‘Oh, you’re not one of those crazy people are you?’” ... Read more»0

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Critics say vaccine injury fund has strayed from original purpose

Barbara Loe Fisher was at the table 29 years ago when the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was crafted – and she says it's no longer living up to the "spirit and intent of Congress." The act was a response to vaccine manufacturers' threats in the 1980s to pull out of the United States, after a number of lawsuits by parents who believed their children were injured by vaccines. Congress, wanting to protect the U.S. vaccine supply, created the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.... Read more»0

Vaccine injury fund tops $3.5 billion, as patients fight for payment

When Phoenix nurse Tarah Gramza realized that her daughter’s autoimmune disorder may have been caused by a vaccine, she looked into suing the vaccine manufacturer. Then she learned that the government won’t let her. Instead, Gramza is beginning what could be a years-long legal battle, trying to get an infinitesimal slice of the $3.5 billion fund set aside to compensate people who have adverse reactions to vaccines.... Read more»1

Arizona sees sharp increase in disability plates, placards

The number of Arizonans with disability license plates and placards jumped almost 70 percent in the past 12 years, more than twice as fast as the overall vehicle registration growth rate. Advocates pointed to Arizona's aging population and attractiveness to people with disabilities as factors. ... Read more»0

Gains, goals of Americans with Disabilities Act 25 years later

The iconic blue-and-white parking tags were the first and most visible effects of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which turns 25 years old this summer. Advocates say the ADA has been invaluable in the fight to protect rights of the disabled, but more needs to be done.... Read more»0

Experts press case for forest management to head off catastrophic wildfires

The science is in and the time to act on forest management is now if the government wants to avoid more catastrophic wildfires, a panel of wildfire experts told a House committee Thursday.... Read more»0

Court: Widespread racial profiling by Arpaio's deputies

A federal appeals court Wednesday upheld a lower court’s ruling that racial discrimination by Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies extended to all traffic stops – not just those performed during “immigration sweeps.” ... Read more»0

Arizona exports topped $21 billion in 2014

Arizona businesses exported $21.1 billion in goods last year, which supported 93,354 jobs in the state, according to a report by the U.S. Trade Representative. It said the state's exports have grown 57 percent since 2004, with the vast majority from small or mid-sized companies. ... Read more»0

Tucson inventor’s Spider-Man toy lands in Supreme Court

Stephen Kimble had no idea that the toy web-shooter he designed two decades ago during an afternoon reading comic books with his son would wind up in the Supreme Court. But the Tucson man and Marvel were there arguing over law that guides royalties on the toy. ... Read more»0

Arizona, other states jockey to pitch potential to foreign investors

Foreign businesses looking to invest in the United States have heard the success stories from California and New York. They need no convincing of the perks of settling in the Big Apple or Silicon Valley. But other places in the United States – such as Arizona – need to work harder to prove their worth to investors.... Read more»1

Cochise sheriff asks Senate to work with local lawmen to secure border

Local law enforcement must be involved in securing “the rural parts of the Southwest border,” which is still dangerously insecure, Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels told a Senate panel Tuesday.... Read more»1

Obamacare subsidies for 155K in Az depend on Supreme Court ruling

The ruling in King v. Burwell could be a "game-changer" for the Affordable Care Act, said experts in Arizona. The suit challenges the federal subsidies that help individuals pay their insurance premiums, assistance that is extended to more than 155,000 people in Arizona. ... Read more»1

County leaders say local gov't must play role in immigration

Immigration may be a federal issue, but Arizona officials said county governments have a role to play, too - particularly in educating residents about the immigration system. The comments came at briefing on the president's immigration actions at national meeting of county officials. ... Read more»3

DHS budget shutdown looms, but frontline services will go on

If the Department of Homeland Security runs out of money next week, as feared, TSA workers will still keep watch on Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and federal agents will still patrol the Mexican border. They just won't get paid until Congress passes a budget to fund DHS. ... Read more»0

Obamacare enrollment tops 204,000 in Arizona

The 204,000 Arizonans who signed up for health insurance in the just-ended open enrollment period was a sharp increase from last year. At least 11.4 million Americans are now enrolled. ... Read more»0

Obamacare premiums low in Az – depending on where you live

Arizonans may have some of the nation's lowest premiums under Obamacare, but costs vary widely depending on where people live in the state. Urban areas, with lots of doctors and hospitals competing for business, tend to have lower rates.... Read more»0

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