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Kozachik at a May 2019 meeting at the Benedictine Monastery.

During a pandemic, spreading COVID misinformation is a direct threat to public health. Val Romero, my opponent for the Ward 6 Council seat, and his supporters are spreading hate-filled diatribes of unscientific conspiracy theories. Exposing others to this life-threatening virus is not the free exercise of liberty. Read more»

Working directly with the Arizona Department of Health Services and bypassing Pima County health officials, the UA plans to open a state vaccine Point of Distribution on the UA mall. This will be detrimental to the county's efforts to get vaccines into the arms of the most vulnerable in our community. Read more» 1

Hub is one of the privately owned student housing towers near the University of Arizona.

A voluntary shelter in place works when those being asked to shelter are willing participants. Ending the COVID-19 outbreak on the UA campus requires more than more than adult finger-wagging, "hope" or "begging." — Councilman Steve Kozachik Read more»

Until now, our focus has legitimately been on the tragic loss and the events that took place the night when Carlos Ingram-Lopez died. But there are lingering issues that need to be openly looked at. Read more» 1

Ducey speaking to reporters on Thursday.

"We can debate the causes of the current surge in infections; your ending Stay at Home, Memorial Day celebrations, recent protests — the cause is not the issue. What matters is the effect of your executive order has been to nullify local decision making authority." Read more»

We have to have something to look for that reflects the light at the end of this long COVID-19 tunnel. The answer is "testing." Not just some testing, but the ability to test us all. Read more»

Genna Ayup

"Genna should finally get her day in court, and many of us hope justice will be served, even if it’s seven years late in coming." — Councilman Steve Kozachik, urging a judge to reject a plea deal and move forward with a trial in the shooting death of Genna Ayup. Read more» 3

A look inside one of the vacant wings of the Pima Juvenile Center that's planned to be turned into a shelter for asylum-seekers, during a press tour on Wednesday.

"All of the questions related to funding are important. But the superior principle is compassion. That must guide the vote, and if it does we’ll see the agreement approved 5-0, to the great credit of Pima County's governing body." - Councilman Steve Kozachik Read more» 2

"Please, when you are out on the road, leave the phone and other electronic devices alone. Think of the safety, not only of those around you, but your own as well." — City Councilman Steve Kozachik Read more»

From Councilman Steve Kozachik: "Every city and town in this state lost its sovereignty through this decision. That means to me that every constituent I represent across this city has now seen our ability to establish local laws that reflect the values of this community placed at risk." Read more» 3

Instead of adding yet another ordinance to our tool kit, what we need to do is clarify what's already on the books, change language in those existing ordinances so that it's consistent, and transmit a clear message to the police and the public that we're enforcing. Read more»

This budget cycle is slipping by with little in-depth discussion. Avoiding a tough headline doesn't mean we're avoiding the reality of our tough budget challenges. It feels like the comfort of the eye of a storm and yet, there are some fundamental issues we have to confront before finalizing the FY 2016 budget. Read more» 1

In an "Open Letter to Constituents," Councilman Steve Kozachik attempted to dial down the rhetoric between him and Tucson's police union over proposed budget-balancing measures. "The rank and file men and women who work for police and fire deserve our respect and our support. They have mine – and I have an obligation to balance that support with budget decisions that will allow us to operate the city." Read more» 1

In the past two years I have made an effort to resist the Republican lurch to the right. The Arizona Republican Party is an ideological outlier. I am not. I will therefore be changing my party registration to Democrat. Read more» 14

The entrance to the Tucson Convention Center.

Over the course of the past several weeks, the city/Rio Nuevo relationship has reached a tipping point. We either make it work, or we cash in 12 years of failed efforts and wasted taxpayer money. In a final effort to position the sides for success, there was a recent change in the leadership of the Rio Board. I support that move. Read more» 1

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