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Democrats release $3.5T budget bill as infrastructure fight comes to a head

Senate Democrats issued their budget Monday for a $3.5 trillion package that pours funding into social programs, climate change initiatives and free education, queuing up a widely expected maneuver toward passage without GOP support. ... Read more»0

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Senate gears up to get massive infrastructure bill off ground

Democrats racing to vote on the massive Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, after the Senate finally unveiled the 2,702-page bill late Sunday, strode into some quicksand from Republicans less worried about the timeline as the August recess looms. ... Read more»0

Biden announces vaccine mandate for federal employees

With the Delta variant of COVID-19 driving a new surge in infections in the United States, President Joe Biden on Thursday announced a new rule for federal employees: Get vaccinated or face regular testing and other restrictions. ... Read more»0

Made in America: White House pushes agencies to buy more at home

President Joe Biden is rolling out a new plan to amp support of U.S. manufacturing, tighten loopholes on what qualifies as American and to announce a higher domestic-component threshold for U.S.-made products that the federal government purchases with taxpayer dollars. ... Read more»0

Congress kicks off select committee probe of Jan. 6 insurrection

The Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol heard testimony on the opening day of hearings from four police officers who told lawmakers under oath that, despite years of police training, they could have never prepared for what they saw.... Read more»0

Biden administration to reverse Trump-era coal wastewater rule

In a reversal of a Trump-era policy, the Environmental Protection Agency plans to enforce tougher regulations for the disposal of wastewater from coal-fired power plants, but it could take years before the new rule goes into effect. ... Read more»0

Pres. Biden gives victims of crime a boost

President Joe Biden on Thursday signed into law a measure that replenishes funding for victims of crime in the United States so they can start fresh, receive mental health counseling and potentially gain a new lease on life for themselves or their family in the face of trauma. ... Read more»0

Infrastructure bill falters again with doomed vote in Senate

After weeks of negotiations between the White House and Senate on President Joe Biden's proposal to beef up U.S. infrastructure, a test vote gauging willingness to debate the $1 trillion package failed. ... Read more»0

White House announces $25 million investment in voting rights push

Democrats and civil rights leaders alike unveiled their latest strategy to overcome a gridlocked Senate where Republicans have blocked passage of voting rights and police reform laws - a $25 million investment in a Democratic National Committee voting rights initiative. ... Read more»0

High court quashes challenge from states including Arizona, to Affordable Care Act

Backing the law still cheekily called Obamacare for the third time, the Supreme Court saw its conservative justices sharply divided in a 7-2 decision on whether Texas, Arizona, and other Republican state challengers, have standing without the individual mandate.... Read more»0

Experts warn Congress of festering militia violence and white supremacy

Militias in America are infested with white supremacists and pose a danger to national security while infringing on the everyday person’s constitutional rights, extremism experts told members of Congress. ... Read more»0

200 million Americans vaccinated, millions more to go

More shots in arms are needed to reach widespread immunity, a milestone the president broached Wednesday by pushing for a paid sick leave tax credit. ... Read more»0

FBI warns of armed election protests nationwide

Authorities are on high alert for extremist right-wing groups that are armed and said to pose a dangerous threat to all Americans following the insurrectionist siege of the U.S. Capitol.... Read more»0

'Do we really want to see a lot more die? Fauci paints bleak picture of virus inaction

During a panel hosted Thursday by National Geographic, Fauci fielded questions with trademark candor about that grim forecast released last week by the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.... Read more»0

Rushing back will make it worse, Fauci warns Senate

Eighty thousand Americans have died from Covid-19 in just over 70 days, but things will only get worse, Dr. Anthony Fauci said Tuesday in remarks to the Senate, if the country rushes its return to normalcy. ... Read more»0

Sweeping coronavirus-relief bill passes House

Quibbling over legislative language in an emergency relief package for Americans impacted by the coronavirus came to an end in the House of Representatives on Monday night, putting finalization of the multibillion-dollar aid deal squarely in the Senate’s court.... Read more»0

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