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Trump administration’s push for U.S. uranium production opposed near Grand Canyon

The U.S. imports most of the uranium it uses because it’s cheaper to buy from other countries. The Trump administration wants to change that and is looking into creating quotas on domestic use. This could affect the temporary ban now in place on uranium mining in and around Grand Canyon.... Read more»0

Damming Little Colorado River for power projects opposed by tribes, enviros

A Phoenix company wants to build two massive hydroelectric projects on the Little Colorado River. Environmentalists and Native Americans say the projects threaten life within the Canyon and would defile sacred land.... Read more»0

Arizona volunteers plant hope for the future of monarch butterflies

At Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area near McNeal one day last month, 25 volunteers spent five hours planting milkweed to create waypoints for monarchs migrating to Southern California and west-central Mexico from the northern U.S. and Canada – a trip that can stretch 3,000 miles each way.... Read more»1

McSally urged to oppose Trump’s rollback of Obama fuel economy standards

Two Democratic state legislators want U.S. Sen. Martha McSally to oppose the Trump administration’s plan to relax fuel economy standards implemented to reduce fossil fuel use and air pollution.... Read more»0

Wildlife service considers changes to habitat area for endangered Mount Graham red squirrel

An Arizona squirrel near extinction is getting some help from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which will consider adjusting the critical habitat area of the Mount Graham red squirrel to protect the remaining population of about 70 animals.... Read more»0