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UA's Robbins, Carmona push vaccines to stem spiralling COVID pandemic

As the state continues to endure record levels of new infections driven by the Omicron variant, University of Arizona officials continued to press vaccinations and masking as a bulwark against continued spread. "The vaccine is just an incredible gift that we've been given," said UA President Robbins. ... Read more»0

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Launius takes lead on Tucson mayor's community safety health, wellness program

Tucson Mayor Regina Romero announced Wednesday that Sarah Launius — former chief of staff for Ward 3 — has been tapped to lead the city's new Community Safety, Health and Wellness program.... Read more»0

Native activist found not guilty in border protest after new arguments on religious freedom defense

Amber Ortega, a Southern Arizona border activist facing two federal charges for protesting the construction of the border wall near Quitobaquito Springs, was found not guilty by a judge on Wednesday. ... Read more»0

Pima County Attorney finds 'confusion' drove voters to cast multiple ballots, declines to bring charges

After reviewing 115 incidents of local voters casting multiple ballots in the 2020 election, the Pima County Attorney's Office said Friday that the incidents were the result of "confusion" and did not warrant criminal charges. ... Read more»2

Photos: Nurses push for increased COVID measures at St. Joseph's Hospital as part of national protest

Dozens of nurses protested in front of St. Joseph's Hospital on Thursday morning, part of a nation-wide push for increased staffing and better protections against a massive spike in coronavirus cases fueled by the Omicron variant. ... Read more»0

Driven by Omicron, COVID-19 cases breaking records in new Arizona spike

Fueled by the Omicron variant, COVID-19 cases continue to spike in Arizona, hitting record-breaking numbers in January as the state hit 18,783 cases on Tuesday, according to Arizona Department of Health Services. ... Read more»0

Arizona hospital CEO warns of staff shortages during 'exponential increase' in COVID-19 infections

Arizona hospitals are facing an "exponential increase" in COVID-19 cases and a shortage of health care workers driven by the Omicron variant, and doctors are warning that hospitals are at the "brink of collapse."... Read more»0

56 Pima County staffers lose jobs for refusing to follow COVID shot mandate

Pima County has fired 56 staffers who refused to get vaccinated against COVID-19 — with just 16 regular full-time employees losing their jobs out of the 2,000 staffers covered by a policy requiring shots for those working with vulnerable people.... Read more»0

UA will rely on tests, masks to slow spread of COVID-19 as classes begin this week

The University of Arizona will press forward with in-person classes beginning Wednesday despite the rise in COVID-19 cases throughout Arizona caused by the Omicron variant, officials said Monday. ... Read more»0

Photos: Memorial gathering marks 11 years since Jan. 8 Tucson attack

On the 11th anniversary of the Jan. 8 shooting, about 200 people held the first ceremony at the Embrace, a public space at the Historic Pima County Courthouse built to mark that day's violent events. ... Read more»0

Pima County faces 'stark upswing' in COVID cases as officials prep for Omicron variant

Pima County faces a "stark" rise in new COVID-19 cases, even as the more-infectious Omicron variant has not become the driver of most new cases. Across Arizona, unvaccinated people are 31 times more likely to die from the disease than those who've gotten their shots.... Read more»0

51 Pima County workers face firing for not complying with COVID vax policy

Pima County will soon terminate 51 employees who have refused to get vaccinated against COVID-19 — hundreds fewer than an earlier count of those who were not complying with a mandate. During a contentious meeting, Supervisors Christy and Heinz butted heads over COVID data, with Heinz, a doctor, declaring that "unvaccinated members of this community are actually killing people."... Read more»0

Tucson's 2nd year of COVID

A year ago, health-care workers in Pima County received some of the first vaccinations against COVID-19. However, by the end of 2021, it's clear that the state is heading into a third year of the pandemic, and the CDC's own forecast of the pandemic estimates that 821,000 to 837,000 people will have died from COVID-19 by New Year's Day. ... Read more»0's best photos of 2021

Some of the best photos published by the Tucson Sentinel in 2021. ... Read more»0

Donald Trump plans return to Arizona for January rally in Florence

Donald Trump will return to Arizona in January for a rally in Florence, as the ex-president moves to insinuate himself in the state's politics ahead of the mid-term elections, including a fight over Sen. Mark Kelly's Senate seat. ... Read more»0

100+ Pima County gov't workers could be fired for not getting COVID shots by Dec. 31

Up to 200 Pima County employees could be terminated because they have refused to get their vaccinations against COVID-19, flouting a policy for those who work with vulnerable people. But 87% have complied, and more could turn in evidence they've gotten their shots.... Read more»0

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