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Stories by Amy-Xiaoshi DePaola

Help wanted: Census to hire 57,000 in Arizona

The U.S. Census Bureau wants you – specifically 57,000 of you, the number of people who will be needed to fill jobs just in Arizona alone for the decennial census in 2020.... Read more»0

Volker defends role in talks between White House, Ukrainian government

Former McCain Institute Executive Director Kurt Volker told the House Intelligence Committee Tuesday that he was unaware of any efforts to get the Ukrainian government to interfere in U.S. politics in exchange for military aid.... Read more»0

In or out? Millions affected by Equifax breach must decide this week

As many as 3 million Arizonans whose personal data may have been exposed in a 2017 data breach have to decide by Tuesday whether to be part of a settlement with Equifax for that breach.... Read more»0

Boasting of judge appointments, Trump nominates Pima's Hinderaker to federal bench

President Trump boasted about the record 158 federal judges confirmed under his watch, with dozens more to come as he works to remake the courts — such as Pima County Judge John Hinderaker, nominated Wednesday to the federal bench.... Read more»0

Start of missing, murdered women panel moving 'at speed of bureaucracy'

State officials agree that none of the $150,000 allocated for a task force on missing and murdered indigenous women that was created in May has been seen yet. But they disagree on who’s to blame.... Read more»0

Forgone forgiveness: New try at student loan repayment shows few gains

A congressional attempt to salvage a foundering student loan forgiveness program was only marginally better, with just 4% of Arizona applications approved in the second round – and that was four times better than the national rate.... Read more»0

Ducey brings pitch for new North American trade deal to Washington

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey joined business leaders in Washington on Monday to push for final approval of the “critical” U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement and protect trade that is worth billions in trade to the state. ... Read more»0

State boards waste little time approving professional licenses under new law

A new Arizona law requires most professional licensing boards and commissions in the state to accept valid out-of-state licenses for people looking to hang a shingle here.... Read more»0